April 2, 2022

This summary lists the bills that were passed by Senate Committees during the week of March 28 – April 1, 2022. More information about these bills is available at the Illinois General Assembly Web site at https://ilga.gov/.


(SB 1150): Shell Bill

(HB 3699): Shell Bill

(HB 3772): Shell Bill

(HB 3863): Shell Bill

(HB 4364): Shell Bill

(HB 4481): Shell Bill


Fair Food Delivery (HB 3205): Creates the Fair Food Delivery Act. Prohibits third- party apps from using the likeness of a restaurant/business without a written contract.

Criminal Law

Overdose Prevention Supplies (HB 4556): Allows any pharmacist or physician, or the pharmacist’s or physician’s designee to dispense drug adulterant testing supplies to any person. Includes advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants in the list of people who can distribute the testing supplies to any person.

Corrections Master Record File (HB 4559): Allows an inmate to request a summary of their master record file once per year and their attorney may also request one summary of the inmate’s master record file once per year. Directs the Illinois Department of Corrections to create a form for this and make it available to committed persons and to the public on its Web site.

File and Sentence Credits (HB 4741): Allows for disclosure of an inmate’s master record file in accordance with a court order or subpoena. Clarifies the role of the Director of the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice in the sentencing credits statute.


Withholding School Diploma (HB 4243): Provides that no public high school of a school district shall withhold a student’s grades, transcripts, or diploma because of an unpaid balance on the student’s school account. As well as provides that at the end of each school year, the school districts are required to report to the State Board of Education the amount of money that remains unpaid by students due to outstanding fees after the student has received his or her diploma.

Contract Bidding Requirements (HB 4813): Provides that contracts for goods, services, or management in the operation of a school’s food service, are exempt from contract bidding requirements. Includes schools that participate in any of the United States Department of Agriculture’s child nutrition programs. Requires that food supplier data be given to the school district at the time of the bid and is required to be updated annually.


Regulation (SB 105): Regulation Shell Bill.

Offshore Wind Farm (HB 691): Creates the Illinois Rust Belt to Green Belt Pilot Program Act. Creates the Illinois Rust Belt to Green Belt Fund as a special fund in the State treasury (and makes a conforming change in the State Finance Act). Provides that the fund shall be used by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to encourage and facilitate work on a new utility-scale offshore wind project or related port.

Organized Retail Crime (HB 1091): Creates the Integrity, Notification, and Fairness in Online Retail Marketplaces for Consumers Act (INFORM Consumers Act) and amends the Criminal Code. Requires online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Facebook, eBay and even Goodwill to verify high-volume third-party sellers to prevent the online reselling of stolen goods. Creates the offense of organized retail crime to address: 1) theft from retail stores for the purpose of resale; 2) concerted action by two or more individuals to enter a retail store to rob it; 3) theft of merchandise in transit from the manufacturer to the retailer with the purpose of resale.

Education (HB 1167): Amends the School Code and various statutes relating to universities and community colleges.  Provides for COVID-19 administrative leave to school and college employees who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 if they are restricted from being on school or campus grounds pursuant to guidance, mandates, or rules related to COVID-19.  
Provides that any sick leave used by a school district employee or college/university employee during the 2021-2022 school year shall be returned to a teacher or employee who receives all doses required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 if they had to use sick leave pursuant to guidance, mandates, or rules related to COVID-19. 

Homelessness Prevention (HB 2775): Amends the Illinois Human Rights Act. It is the public policy of this State to prevent discrimination based on familial status or source of income in real estate transactions.

Battery Charged Fence Alarms (HB 4073): Amends the Private Detective, Private Alarm, Private Security, Fingerprint Vendor, and Locksmith Act of 2004. Defines “battery-charged fence alarm.” Provides that the definition of “alarm system” includes a battery-charged fence alarm.

Invest in Kids Scholarship (HB 4126): Requires that in granting scholarships under the Invest in Kids Act, beginning in the 2022-2023 school year and each school year thereafter, a scholarship granting organization (SGO) will give priority to eligible students who received a scholarship from a SGO in the previous school year.

One Day of Rest (HB 4600): Amends the One Day of Rest in Seven Act. Amends the definition of a work week. Increases penalties for a violation of the Act.  Clarifies what constitutes a violation of the Act. Also amends the Wage Payment and Collection Act. Acts as trailer bill to HB 5412. HB 5412 creates liability with primary contractors to employees of subcontractors for unpaid wages. Should HB 5412 become law, provides that only projects with an aggregate cost of $20,000 or more are covered under the Act.

County Design-Build Authorization (HB 4772): Creates the County Design-Build Authorization Division for Counties to permit counties to enter design-build contracts.

Prenatal/Perinatal Care (HB 5013): Requires the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to amend its managed care contracts so that a managed care organization (MCO) must pay a fee-for-service rate for prenatal, perinatal, and postpartum services rendered by an out-of-network provider. Clarifies that in cases where ab MCO must pay for preventive prenatal services, the requirements shall not apply if the services were not emergency services.

Education Labor Board Process Notice (HB 5093): Provides that service may be given by one of the methods permitted in the Board’s rules. The intent of the bill is to allow the Board to provide notifications via e-mail. 

Wage Payment and Collection (HB 5412): Amends the Wage Pay and Collection Act. Places liability on prime contractors to pay any unpaid wages to employees of subcontractors the prime contractor contracted with. 

Blocking Control Access (HB 5439): Provides that no person shall engage in “street sideshows” on any street or highway of the State. Provides that a person may not knowingly cause the movement of traffic to slow or stop for the purpose of facilitating street racing or a street sideshow. Provides that any person convicted of a violation of the new provisions is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor for the first offense and is subject to a minimum fine of $250; and a Class 4 felony for a second or subsequent offense and is subject to a minimum fine of $500. 

Property Tax Land Bank Exemption (HB 5532): Amends the Property Tax Code. Exempts properties owned by any of three enumerated land banks are exempt from property taxes when they are being held by the land banks and for future development.  Requires the named land banks to provide proof of status for the exemption when applying to the board of review. 

Financial Institutions

Banking Development District (HB 5194): Creates the Banking Development District Act to encourage the establishment of branches for banking services in geographic locations where there are the largest underbanked and unbanked populations.

Healthcare Access and Availability

Healthcare Workers Taskforce (HB 5465): Creates the Task Force on Internationally-Licensed Health Care Professionals within the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to address 1). Removing barriers to licensure and practice for health care professionals licensed and practicing in other countries to get licensed and practice in Illinois; 2). Increasing the supply of culturally competent physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to address the healthcare workforce shortage; and 3). Protecting the safety of patients and the broader public.

Higher Education

Higher Education Omnibus (House Bill 5464): Makes several statutory changes recommended in the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) 2021 Strategic Plan. Requires private institutions’ programs to be approved under the new strategic plan, the state’s economic development goals, and the state’s educational priorities.


Health Plan Revisions (SB 3926): Amends the Illinois Insurance Code to prohibit insurers from issuing, amending, delivering, or renewing a short-term, limited-duration insurance plan to any natural or legal person residing or domiciled in Illinois, and prohibits companies from issuing these short-term policies beginning Jan. 1, 2023. 

Insurance Information Checkoff (HB 5142): Requires the Illinois Department of Revenue to include a provision on income tax returns to allow a taxpayer to request information about eligibility for health insurance benefits. Also, authorizes the Department of Revenue to share income information with the State Health Benefits Exchange, and this will enable the State Health Benefits Exchange to determine individuals’ premium tax credit or Medicaid eligibility.


Lemont Land Transfer (SB 1490): Amends the Illinois and Michigan Canal Development Act. Allows the Village of Lemont to exchange a small portion of Illinois and Michigan Canal lands to a nongovernmental entity for lands that are equal or greater in value. Any transfer of property must have been appraised by two MAI appraisals any be able to be used for recreational, park, and parking purposes without additional cost to the Village of Lemont.

Lemont Land Transfer (HB 2825): Amends the Illinois and Michigan Canal Development Act. Allows the Village of Lemont to exchange a small portion of Illinois and Michigan Canal lands to a nongovernmental entity for lands that are equal or greater in value. Any transfer of property must have been appraised by two MAI appraisals any be able to be used for recreational, park, and parking purposes without additional cost to the Village of Lemont.

Licensed Activities

EMS Training (HB 4388): Requires Emergency Medical Services personnel to complete at least one-hour course of training on the diagnosis, treatment, and care of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias per license renewal period.

Dental Practice (HB 4501): Amends the Illinois Dental Practice Act to provide that a dental assistant who has at least 2,000 hours of direct clinical patient care experience continuing education provider approved by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation may perform specified procedures.

Interior Design (HB 4715): Makes changes to the Registered Interior Designers Act regarding the scope of “practice of registered interior design” and makes other regulatory changes to the Act.

Behavior Analyst (HB 4769): Creates the Behavior Analyst Licensing Act. Provides for the licensure of behavior analysts through the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Optometrist (HB 4929): Provides that a licensed optometrist may independently administer the COVID-19 vaccine upon completion of the required training. Provides that vaccinations for COVID-19 shall be limited to patients 17 years of age and older.

Real Estate (HB 5167): Amends and updates several state Acts as part of the omnibus Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation rewrite of the Real Estate Division.

Local Government

Fire District Reimbursement (HB 4461): Provides that a municipality is responsible to reimburse a fire district for all costs incurred by the fire district when trying to collect the amounts owed to them by the municipality for the disconnection of territory.


Downstate Police (HB 4209): States that no later than Dec. 31, 2022, a person may transfer to a fund established under the Downstate Police Article creditable service accumulated under IMRF for service as a sheriff’s law enforcement employee, person employed by a participating municipality to perform police duties, law enforcement officer employed on a full-time basis by a forest preserve district, or person employed by a participating municipality to perform administrative duties related to law enforcement.

MWRD Pension (HB 4677): Authorizes the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) to issue up to $600 million in pension obligation bonds. Creates funding schedule for the MWRD Pension Fund to be fully funded by 2050 and requires actuarially determined funding. 

Cook County Forest Preserve (HB 4785): Provides that the Cook County Forest Preserve District is to levy their taxes by general category after the first Monday in October and by the first Monday in December every year (Instead of “by March 28” every year.) Cook County President’s initiative to permit the Forest District to amend their levy following the potential referendum approval of a levy increase in November 2022, instead of adopting the current levy this March 2022 for that cycle.

Alternative Formula Benefit (HB 4926): Adds investigators for the Office of the Attorney General to the list of employees eligible for the higher Alternative Formula benefit. Allows these newly eligible employees to convert up to eight years of standard SERS credit to Alternative Formula credit by paying the difference in employee contributions plus interest.

Downstate Police Benefit (HB 5447): Permits members of the Downstate Police Pension Fund who marry after retirement to designate the spouse for a survivor benefit.


Motor Vehicle Transfer Tax (HB 4284): Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code and adds language to the Motor Vehicle Transfer Tax to clarify that the tax is $15 in the administration of an inter vivos trust that became irrevocable upon the death of the grantor when the beneficiary is not a surviving spouse.

Mental Health Board (HB 4452): Amends the Community Mental Health Act to correct an error and a discrepancy in the tax referendum language to provide that the referendum language in respect to the annual tax levied shall provide that the question on the referendum will reference a tax “not more than 0.15 percent” instead of “not to exceed 0.15 percent.”

State Government

Manufactured Home Dealers’ Statute Cleanup (HB 4639): Changes current law in regard to manufactured home dealer’s by making the following changes: 1). Provides definitions of “Established place of business,” “Manufactured home,” and “Manufactured home dealer.” 2). Requires persons in the business of dealing manufactured homes to be licensed by the Secretary of State. 3). The Secretary of State, after reasonable review of and barring no flaws in the application, shall grant license. 4). The Secretary of State may deny, revoke, or suspend the license for violations. 5). An application for a manufactured home dealer’s license shall be accompanied by a $1,000 license fee for the applicant’s established place of business. If the application is made after June 15 in any year, the license fee shall be $500 for the applicant’s established place of business. 6). License fees shall be returnable only in the event that the application is denied by the Secretary of State. 7). Of the monies received by the Secretary of State as license fees 95 percent shall be deposited into the General Revenue Fund and 5 percent into the Motor Vehicle License Plate Fund.

CMS Bilingual Pay Supplement (HB 4740): Provides for CMS employees a bilingual pay supplement within 30 calendar days after an employee presents to the CMS Director or the Director’s designee a certification of: 1). the designated testing program process selected by the Director, or 2). an Illinois community college confirming that language skill proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking has been satisfied by the employee.


License Plates (HB 4434): Amends the Vehicle Code to add the Chicago Red Stars and the Chicago Fire, and remove the St. Louis Rams from, the list of available license plates. 

Term Clarification (HB 5496): Replaces within the state statutes, the words “accident” or “accidents” with the words “crash” or “crashes” to describe and regulate motor vehicle collisions.

Milwaukee Avenue Corridor (HB 5581): Designates Illinois Route 21 (Milwaukee Avenue) from Sangamon Avenue in Chicago to Greenwood Road in Niles as the Milwaukee Avenue Polish Heritage Corridor.