February 11, 2022

This summary lists the bills that were passed by Senate Committees during the week of February 7-11, 2022. More information about these bills is available at the Illinois General Assembly Web site at https://ilga.gov/.


Conservation Police Officers (SB 3184): Amends the Department of Natural Resources (Conservation) Law. Requires Conservation Police Officers hired after July 1, 2022, to obtain certification pursuant to the Illinois Police Training Act. Limits powers of arrest and permission to carry firearms to Conservation Police Officers 21 years of age or older.

Nutrient Loss Reduction (SB 3471): Creates the Partners for Nutrient Loss Reduction Act. Creates the Illinois Healthy Soils and Watersheds Initiative. Provides for the adoption of guidelines and needs assessments to assist soil and water conservation districts in determining local goals and needs for project implementation to accomplish the goals of the Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy.

Behavioral and Mental Health

Mental Health (SB 3617): Creates the Ensuring a More Qualified, Competent, and Diverse Community Behavioral Health Workforce Act. Requires the Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health, to award grants or contracts to licensed community mental health centers or behavioral health clinics to establish or enhance training and supervision of interns and behavioral health providers-in-training pursuing licensure as a licensed clinical social worker, licensed clinical professional counselor, and licensed marriage and family therapist. Creates the Mental Health Assessment Reform Act to remove barriers to care in the Medicaid mental health assessment and treatment planning process. Creates the Recovery and Mental Health Tax Credit Act. Requires the Department to establish and administer a recovery tax credit program to provide tax incentives to qualified employers who employ eligible individuals in recovery from a substance use disorder or mental illness in part-time and full-time positions. Creates an Advisory Council to advise the Department regarding employment of persons with mental illnesses and substance use disorders in minority communities.

Children’s Mental Health (SB 3889): Creates the Children’s Mental Health Council Act. Provides that the Children’s Mental Health Council shall conduct at least four meetings each year, in addition to emergency meetings called by the chairperson of the Council, research and provide recommendations for the General Assembly on children with mental and behavioral disabilities and residential placements around the State and out of state, research and provide recommendations on how State agencies will be able to provide emergency placement for children with disabilities, research and provide recommendations on expanding residential beds and increasing the workforce, and providing recommendations for the General Assembly, State Board of Education, Department of Children and Family Services, Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, and any other agency that is involved in the process of the placement of a child.

Public Notice of Changes (SB 3911): Amends the Department of Healthcare and Family Services Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois. Requires the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, subject to federal law, to take all necessary action to ensure that proposed modifications, additions, deletions, or amendments to the healthcare and behavioral healthcare (mental health and substance use disorder) provisions of the Illinois Public Aid Code are announced, shared, disseminated, and explained prior to the Department undertaking such proposed modifications, if legally possible. Requires the Department to provide consumer or patient advocacy groups, managed care organizations under contract with the Department, and other interested parties with notice, information, and opportunity to comment, object, or support prior to final action upon, addition, modification, deletion, or amendment to the healthcare and behavioral healthcare (mental health and substance use disorder) provisions to or from the Illinois Public Aid Code or rules or regulations promulgated based upon the Illinois Public Aid Code, for which the Department has authority over.


Farmers’ Markets (SB 3838): Exempts farmers who sell their products from the premises of their farm from licensing by the farmer’s local health department. Allows local health departments to issue Farmers’ Market Retail Permits, not to exceed $150, for the sale at farmers’ markets and semi-permanent events. Permits are to be valid for one year. 

Home-Grown Business (SB 3930): Adds notification requirements for potential grants and COVID-19 guidelines to the Illinois Home Grown Business Opportunity Act, as well as creates the Border Community COVID-19 Mitigation Grant Program for businesses and municipalities geographically close to bordering states.

Criminal Law

Testimony of Victims (SB 2942): During a prosecution for certain sex offenses where the victim was under 18 years old at the time of the offense, the court may clear the courtroom of non-interested parties while the victim is testifying even if the victim is now 18 or older.

Child Sex Offender (SB 3019): Prohibits a child sex offender from operating, managing, being employed by, or associating with any carnival, amusement enterprise, or fair when children are present. Currently only applies to county fairs.

Aggravated Battery of DCFS Employee (SB 3070): Makes battery of a Department of Children and Family Services employee in the performance of his or her official duties, to prevent performance of his or her official duties, or in response to his or her official duties an aggravated battery.



Expansion of Return to Work (SB 3201): Increases the number of days a retired teacher may teach without it affecting his or her retirement status to 150 days or 750 paid hours in a school year with no more than 100 paid days in the same classroom. If the employment is not within the school year during which their service terminated effective July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2023.  As well as provides that beginning July 1, 2023, a retired teacher would be able to teach without it affecting his or her retirement status up to 120 paid days or 600 paid hours in each school year.

Reduction in Reporting (SB 3663): Requires the State Board of Education to 1.) Combine the Grant Periodic Reporting and Electronic Expenditure Reporting into one report; 2.) Require only school districts that have multiple facilities or schools to comply with the Site-Based Expenditure reporting requirements of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act; 3.) Combine the financial reporting required for all school districts into two reports and establishes a two-year moratorium on the salary and benefit survey. Requires the State Board of Education to review all reports on the ISBE Web Application system and eliminate all reports that the Board considers to be outdated or obsolete.

Education Support Personnel (SB 3709): Amends the School Code and adds a special education cooperative that dissolves or reorganizes to provisions concerning the continued employment of educational support personnel employees in a new, annexing, or receiving school district. Also, provides with respect to a special education cooperative reorganization, the contractual continued service status of a teacher transfers to the new or different board, and that it is unlawful for an employer to demote an employee because of the exercise of his or her rights or remedies under the act.

High School Diploma (SB 3792): Amends numerous acts to change references from high school equivalency certificate to State of Illinois High School Diploma.

Whole Child Task Force (SB 3845): Requires the Task Force to have goals to ensure that historically disadvantaged males or students of color receive academic equity and achieve academic excellence and is required to consider whether to require every school district to have in their strategic plans a focus on historically disadvantaged males of color. Requires the Task Force to consider whether to establish an office within Illinois State Board of Education to focus on the achievement of academic excellence and equity for historically disadvantaged males of color.

Special-Needs Students (SB 3851): Provides the act may be referred to as the Supporting Special Needs Students Act, and offers that adult student receiving special education services shall be excluded from computation of completion rates for purposes of public-school accountability, the State Superintendent of Education shall exclude students who:

  1. are at least 18 years of age as of Sept. 1 of the school year as reported for the fall semester and have satisfied the credit requirements for high school graduation.
  2. have not completed their individualized education program; and
  3. are enrolled and receiving individualized education program services.

Student Fees (SB 3867): Requires all school boards (including Chicago Public Schools) to waive all fees for each student who have a parent that is a veteran with an income at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level and would also apply to active-duty military personnel.

Substitute Teachers (SB 3893): Amends the school code pertaining to the number of days that a substitute teacher may teach for any one contracted teacher increasing the days from 90 to 120 beginning with the 2021-2022 school year through the 2022-2023, any year after that the number of days will revert to 90.

Right to Read (SB 3900): Provides that the State Board of Education shall offer support: to each public school district to select evidence-based core reading instruction programs and implement them using structured literacy instruction; and to each early childhood, elementary, and special education teacher, reading specialist, literacy coach, and administrator to complete evidence-based training in teaching reading.

Diploma Prerequisites (SB 3902): Amends the School Code. Cleans up and meshes the provisions of three Public Acts passed last year that amended prerequisites for receiving a high school diploma.

Mental Health Days (SB 3914): Requires school districts to grant full-time employees five mental health days each school year at full pay.  Employees would not be required to provide a medical note or other documentation to use the mental health day.  

Short-Term Substitute Teachers (SB 3915): Waives the $25 application fee for a Short-Term Substitute Teaching License when the Governor has declared a disaster due to a public health emergency. 

Student Reporting (SB 3936): Creates the Student Confidential Reporting Act and offers for the implementation and administration of Safe2Help Illinois which is a program for the public to report anything regarding intent to cause damage violence or self-hurt to a school, school staff, and students. Also, ignores language in the Juvenile Court Act of 1987 dealing with confidentiality of juvenile law enforcement records requiring that any information related to a minor who has been investigated, arrested, or taken into custody before his or her 18th birthday shall be restricted the appropriate school official only if the agency or officer believes that there is an imminent threat of physical harm to students, school personnel, or others who are either on school grounds or off school grounds.

Community Career Connections (SB 3972): Requires the State Board of Education and the Department of Human Services to jointly establish and create the Community and Career Connections Program. The Community and Career Connections Program is required to provide high school credits to applicants in participating schools that receives a direct service professional certification. 

Teacher Dismissal (SB 3981): Provides that if an employing board determines to dismiss a teacher during the probationary period the employing board must provide a written notice for dismissal with specific reasons for dismissal. Also, offers that any full-time teacher who does not receive written notice from the employing board at least 45 days before the end of any school term and whose performance does not require dismissal shall be re-employed for the following school term.

Non-Exclusionary Discipline (SB 3982): Requires that school districts try to provide professional development to teachers, administrators, school board members, and school resource officers on non-exclusionary discipline practices.

Probationary Requirements (SB 3983): Amends the Employment of Teachers Article of the School Code and makes changes to each of the three probationary periods pertaining to attaining contractual continued service for certain teachers based upon the teacher’s school terms of service and performance.

Student Assessment (SB 3986): Prohibits the State Board of Education from developing, purchasing, or requiring a school district to administer, develop, or purchase a standardized assessment for students enrolled or preparing to enroll in prekindergarten through grade 2, other than for diagnostic purposes. Prohibits the State Board of Education from providing funding for any standardized assessment of students enrolled or preparing to enroll in prekindergarten through grade 2.

Paraprofessional Educator (SB 3988): Allows a paraprofessional educator endorsement on an Educator License with Stipulations to be issued to an applicant who is at least 18 years of age only until the individual reaches the age of 19 years and otherwise meets the criteria for a paraprofessional educator endorsement.

School Counselors (SB 3990): Provides that school counselors can promote career and technical education through their services by assisting students to determine a post-secondary plan that is determined through the assessment of a student’s strengths, skills, and goals. Also, school counselors are required to develop individual career plans with students including planning for post-secondary education and engage in related CTE coursework in high school, and all post-secondary options must be discussed with all students including 4-year colleges or universities, community colleges, vocational schools, and CTE career planning through the engagement in related CTE coursework in high school.

Mental Health Resources (SB 4028): Provides that the Comprehensive Health Education Program shall require that the instruction on mental health and illness must discuss how and where to find mental health resources in this State.

ISBE Annual Clean-Up (SB 4056): Amends the School Code, the School Safety Drill Act, the Property Tax Code, Illinois Pension Code, the Illinois Labor Relations Act, and the College and Career Success for All Students Act. Provides that school bullying policies must be filed with the State Board after being updated no later than Sept. 30. Provides that in monitoring the implementation of the policies, the State Board of Education shall review each school district, charter school, or non-public, non-sectarian elementary or secondary school’s filed policy on bullying to ensure all policies meet requirements by Sept. 30 of the subject year. Provides that if a school fails to file a policy by Sept. 30, then the State Board of Education shall provide a written request for the school to file the policy, and if a school fails to file a policy within 14 days after receiving a written request, then the State Board of Education shall publish notice of the non-compliance on the State Board of Education’s Web site.

Energy and Public Utilities

Electric Motorcycles (SB 2940): Adds electric motorcycles to the list of eligible vehicles that can qualify for the rebate in the 2021 Energy Transition Law.

Electric Vehicle Permit Task Force (SB 3005): Amends the Environmental Protection Act. Provides that the NEW Electric Vehicle Permitting Task Force shall include one member representing a statewide organization of municipalities and (auto manufacturing industry) as authorized under specified provisions of the Illinois Municipal Code and additional member from the automobile manufacturers industry.

Hydrogen Economy Task Force (SB 3613): Creates the Hydrogen Economy Act. Creates the Hydrogen Economy Task Force. Provides that the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity shall provide administrative support to the Task Force. Provides that the Task Force shall report to the Governor and the General Assembly by Dec. 1 of each year on its activities, findings, and recommendations.

Renewable Energy Task Force (SB 3790): Provides for a new task force on recycling ideas for solar, wind, and battery storage energy systems and their life spans.

Climate Works Hubs (SB 3866): Amends the Energy Transition Act. Provides that Climate Works Hubs shall be awarded grants in multi-year increments not to exceed 36 months with the opportunity for grant renewal and modification for subsequent years.

Alternative Retail Suppliers (SB 3903): Provides new rules for alternative retail suppliers (ARES) at the Illinois Commerce Commission. ARES must maintain sufficient managerial resources and abilities to provide the service for which it has a certificate of service authority. In determining the level of managerial resources and abilities that the ARES must demonstrate, the ICC shall consider complaints from consumers and a list of other factors.

Environment and Conservation

Demolition Documentation (SB 3633): Provides that counties must maintain documentation on the disposal of any demolition debris, clean or general, or uncontaminated soil generated during the demolition, repair, or enclosure of a building for a period of three years identifying the hauler, generator, place of origin of the debris or soil, the weight or volume of the debris or soil, and the location, owner, and operator of the facility where the debris or soil was transferred, disposed, recycled, or treated. States the documentation required, does not apply to a permitted pollution control facility. Landfills and transfer stations are already required to keep these records. 

Wastewater Funding (SB 3905): Creates the Municipal Water and Wastewater Funding Study. Creates a committee to study and make recommendations concerning any needed modifications to Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and Illinois Pollution Control Board regulations and policies as they relate to municipal water and wastewater funding to ensure that the communities with the greatest need have access to the programs’ resources.  


Sports Wager Supplier Licenses (SB 2973): Reduces supplier license renewal fees from $150,000 yearly to $50,000 every four years.

Remove Racing Caps (SB 3158): Eliminates caps on the number of Off-Track Betting licenses, which licensed horse racetracks can be awarded by the Illinois Racing Board.

Associate Judges (SB 3600): Amends the Associate Judges Act. Increases the total number of associate judges for the 5th Circuit by three (totaling eight Associate Judges).

Broadband Access (SB 3683): Creates the Illinois Broadband Deployment, Equity, and Access Act. Establishes a grant program for broadband providers to deploy broadband services to unserved areas.

FOIA Medical Records (SB 3695): Amends the Freedom of Information Act to expand the exemption for disclosure of private information so that “private information” includes electronic medical records and information located on an electronic medical records system that could lead to a patient’s identification. Medical records withheld must also comply with state and federal privacy laws and regulations included, but not limited to, HIPAA.

Local Government Consolidation (SB 3789): Creates the Decennial Committees on Local Government Consolidation and Efficiency Act. Requires each unit of local government that can levy any tax (except counties and municipalities) to form a committee to study local efficiencies, including an analysis of whether to consolidate with another unit of local government, municipality, or county; and create a report with recommendations regarding efficiencies, increased accountability, and consolidation.

Cannabis Transporting License (SB 3799): Imposes a five-year moratorium on new cannabis transporting licenses from Jan. 1, 2023, to Jan. 1, 2025. Permits current holders of cannabis transporting licenses, who applied for their licenses in 2020, to defer their license fees for up to two years.

RTA Transit Funding Report (SB 3848): Requires the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning and its Metropolitan Planning Organization to develop and submit recommendations for changes to sales tax formula and distributions, governance structures, regional fare systems, or any other policy or funding related to land use and transportation.

Extend Driver’s License (SB 3985): Extends the term for a driver’s license to six years (currently, four years). Increases the fee to $45 (matches the yearly fee for a driver’s license currently). Effective Jan. 1, 2025.

UNCF Lottery Scratch-Off (SB 4020): Creates a new scratch off for the United Negro College Fund (UNCF).

Illinois Racing Board (SB 4044): Provides that the Illinois Racing Board may appoint the Director of Mutuels to serve as the State director for inter-track wagering and simulcast wagering. Provides that the pari-mutuel tax imposed at all parimutuel wagering facilities and on advance deposit wagering shall be remitted to the Board (rather than the Department of Revenue). States that the Board shall distribute contributed funds to a charitable organization on a schedule determined by the Board, based on the charitable organization’s estimated expenditures related to the grant (rather than by Dec. 31 of each year). Repeals provisions requiring the Board and the Department of Agriculture to establish a program to conduct drug testing on horses at county fairs.

Financial Institutions

Credit Unions (SB 3145): Allows Credit Unions to serve target markets in accordance with the terms of its written business plan submitted to the Secretary of IDFPR. Deletes the Meeting of Directors Section requiring meetings on a quarterly basis. Allows Credit Unions to invest in financial technology companies under certain provisions.

Biennial Exams (SB 3787): Provides that a Credit Union may be examined less frequently upon the Secretary’s written statement and authorizes the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to accept an insurer’s examination. Changes the term categories to “investment grades” to allow permissible municipal investments. Gets rid of language stating bylaws must be “approved by the members” to make it clear that either the Board of Directors or Credit Union members can vote to change the bylaws.

Banking Records (SB 3971): States that a bank can disclose financial records of a customer only after the bank sends a copy of a subpoena, summons, warrant, citation, or court order to the customer at their last known address or by electronic delivery if the customer has consented to electronic updates. Requires each bank to retain its records in a manner consistent with prudent business practices and in accordance with this Act and applicable State or federal laws, rules, and regulations. Each retention system must be able to accurately produce such records. Permits banks to destroy its records subject to retention periods required by State, or Federal laws rules, and regulations. Provides that in the destruction of records, the bank shall take reasonable precautions to ensure the confidentiality of the records.


Home Services Program (SB 3132): Authorizes the Spouse to service as Personal Care Providers under the DHS Home Services Program. Subject to federal approval.

Interagency Agreement (SB 3172): Amends the Custody Relinquishment Prevention Act and requires state agencies (DCFS, DHS, DHFS, ISBE, DJJ, and DPH) to enter into a 10-year extension of the interagency agreement required by PA 98-0808 for the purposes of preventing parents from relinquishing parental custody of a child because of the child’s mental health issues.

Pat McGuire Fellowship (SB 3645): Changes the existing Pat McGuire Child Welfare Education Fellowship Pilot Program stating that it will provide financial assistance to a diverse pool of eligible students. Previously the language just stated provides financial assistance toe eligible students.

Child Services (SB 3747): Creates a comprehensive stakeholder process to help develop standards for hospitals to establish units for children with autism. Also, will provide that child welfare supervisors must satisfy specified requirements. Additionally, this legislation will expand eligibility of the Child Care Assistance program to youth in care and to families receiving Extended Family support as well as provides a definition to “eligible infants and toddlers.”

Grandparents As Caregivers (SB 3808): Creates the Task Force on Grandparents Raising their Grandchildren to conduct public hearings throughout the State regarding services needed by and available to grandparents raising their grandchildren. The task force will consist of 10 appointed members of the General Assembly who will not be paid for their service to the task force and after reviewing reports from relevant state agencies, the task force must make recommendations on changes that should be made (no later than Jan. 1, 2023).

Extended Family Support (SB 3853): Requires DCFS, beginning Jan. 1, 2023, to implement a three-year pilot program of additional resources for families Extended Family Support Program services for the purpose of supporting relative caregivers.

Demographic Data (SB 4001): Repeals a provision requiring the Department of Human Services to collect and publicly report statistical data on the racial and ethnic demographics of program participants for each program administered by the Department.

Autism Reporting (SB 4006): Requires DHS, by Dec. 31 of each year, to submit a report to the General Assembly regarding access to applied behavior therapy for persons diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Requires the report to contain various information about availability of services in Illinois and access to services for Medicaid children.

Healthcare Access and Availability

Certificate of Birth (SB 3163): Requires the Department of Public Health to issue birth certificates with the identity of the attending physician redacted if requested by anyone 18 or older who is on the birth certificate or in the case of a minor, that person’s parent, legal representative, or attorney.

Nursing Homes Directory (SB 3682):  Requires that Web sites be added to the annual DPH directory of long-term care facilities.

Dementia Training (SB 3707): States that the Illinois Act on the Aging will include anyone who is employed by the Department on Aging, or is contracted with the Department, to provide services to individuals enrolled in the Community Care Program. Requires dementia training for those employed or contracted to be completed within six months of effective date of the law as well as requiring annual continuing education of dementia training.

Higher Education

Student Debt Assistance Act (SB 3032): Creates the Student Debt Assistance Act. Prohibits any institution of higher education from withholding academic transcripts because the student owes a debt to the institution. Prevents the institution from charging addition fees other than the fee for the transcript, less favorable treatment of a transcript request due to debt owed of a former or current student, or using the academic transcript as a tool for debt collection. Requires an institution to implement and offer an interest free student debt repayment plan to any student who owes $250 or more to the institution.

Child Care (SB 3149): Requires the Illinois Student Assistance Commission to annually include information about the Child Care Assistance Program and the federal care allowance in the language that schools are required to provide to students eligible for MAP grants. Also requires any institution of higher learning that participates in MAP to provide information to all eligible students who are enrolled, recently enrolled, or intend to enroll. 

Social Workers (SB 3761): Adds social workers for Illinois municipalities to the School Social Work Shortage Loan Repayment Program, with the stated intent to encourage school social workers to work, and continue to work, in this field in Illinois municipalities.

Free Coursework Rental (SB 3856): States that beginning on July 1, 2023, all public universities and community colleges shall provide all necessary coursework materials for rental, free of charge, to any qualified student.

Social Work Scholarship (SB 3912): Adds social workers for Illinois municipalities to the Post-Master of Social Work Professional Educator License Scholarship with the stated intent to encourage social workers to work, and continue to work, in this field in Illinois municipalities.

Human Services Workers (SB 3925): Creates the Human Services Professional Loan Repayment Program, which shall be administered by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, to provide loan repayment assistance to eligible direct services professionals practicing in a community-based, human services agency that contracts with or is grant funded by a State agency.

Higher Education Savings (SB 3991): Allows the Treasurer to make supplemental deposits to children in financially insecure households if sufficient funds are available. Adds demographic data to the annual report the Treasurer publishes on their website annually.

Human Rights

Unlawful Discrimination (SB 3616): Creates the CROWN (Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair) Act. Provides that “unlawful discrimination” includes traits historically associated with race, including, but not limited to, hair texture and protective hairstyles such as braids, locks, and twists.

Non-Citizen Reference (SB 3865): Amends various Acts to replace the term “alien” with “non-citizen” regarding non-domestic entities. Also inserts a definition into the FOID Act for “non-citizen” to ensure the FOID Card Act is in compliance with Federal Law at the request of the State Police.


Group Life Insurance (SB 2963): Amends the Illinois Insurance Code to further clarify, in the section regarding group life insurance standards provision, a replacing carrier’s obligation for continued coverage of an active employee who is not actively at work.

Drug Information Cards (SB 3910): Updates the drug information cards issued by the plan to insureds with new information regarding the regulatory entity, whether the plan is fully or self-insured, and consumer assistance information. Makes conforming changes under the Uniform Health Care Service Benefits Information Card Act.


Park District/Public Utility Liability (SB 3467): Creates the Park District and Public Utility Liability Act which hold harmless an electric public utility company or their independent contractor to indemnify and hold harmless against liability for damages arising out of bodily injury to persons or damage to property proximately caused by or resulted arising out of bodily injury to persons or damage to property proximately caused by or resulting from negligence, in whole or in part, of the lessor is against public policy void and unenforceable. Nothing in the Act shall prevent or prohibit a contract, promise, or agreement for an energy company to indemnify or hold harmless any park district for damages resulting from sole negligence of the energy company.

Youth/Veteran Benefits (SB 3470):  Amends the Children and Family Services Act to require the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to review children in their care to determine if the youth is eligible for Social Security. At least annually, DCFS must determine if a youth in their care is eligible for benefits with Social Security. If it is determined that the youth is eligible for benefits, DCFS will ensure that an application is filed out on behalf of the youth. DCFS will also ensure that any youth in care over the age of 18 also has timely applications.

Mental Health Records (SB 3657): Amends the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act to eliminate the requirement that a therapist must make a note in a patient’s medical chart that the therapist has spoken with their attorney about a patient’s confidential mental health record. The bill also eliminates the word “advocate” from the statute. The change would make it so therapists are no longer allowed to disclose patients’ mental health records to their advocates, only their attorneys.

Electronic Protective Orders (SB 3667): Allows for the filing of a petition for a protection order, stalking no contact order, civil no contact order, or order of protection in-person, by email, or online. Requires courts in counties of more than 250,000 to also offer the option of a remote hearing to a petitioner for a protective order.

Judicial Facilities Fee (SB 3737): Amends the Counties Code to provide the Kendall County Board with the authority to impose by ordinance a judicial facilities fee on civil and criminal cases to help fund the construction of additional judicial facilities at their courthouse. (Currently, Kane and Will County are allowed to levy this fee). Under statute, if passed Kendall County would be allowed to adopt a fee of up to $30 on civil and criminal cases.

Guardian Ad Litem (SB 4011): Amends the Probate Act of 1975 to expand the definition of removing a representative for “good cause.” Removing a guardian ad litem for cause now includes: 1.) Failure to comply with the duties of a guardian ad litem as required by statute; 2.) Committing any criminal or unlawful act that reflects adversely on the guardian ad litem’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness ad guardian ad litem; 3.) In the performance of their duties, by word or conduct, manifesting bias or prejudice base upon race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status; or 4.) Engage in conduct involving dishonestly, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.

Licensed Activities

IDFOR Applications (SB 670): Amends the Department of Professional Regulation Law of the Civil Administrative Code. Requires the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to process an application for license within four weeks after receiving a complete application that contains no deficiencies.


Cosmetology Exam (SB 675): Amends the Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics, Hair Braiding, and Nail Technology Act to provide that the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation must provide, upon request, for the administration of any written examination in the Chinese, Korean, Spanish, or Vietnamese languages. Requires the Department to promulgate rules to implement language options. Currently all paperwork submitted to the Department must be in English or accompanied by an English translation.

Music Therapy (SB 2243): Creates the Music Therapy License and Practice Act. Provides for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to administer the Act to ensure Music Therapists have the proper education and training. Music therapy is used to treat Alzheimer, autistic or other neurologic disorders.

Naturopathic Medicine (SB 3025): Creates the Naturopathic Medical Practice Act. Provides for the licensure of naturopathic physicians. naturopathic education focuses on botanical medicine, homeopath, hydrotherapy, and counseling.

Emergency Medical Dispatchers (SB 3127): Amends various laws to include “emergency medical dispatchers” in references to first responders

Physician Assistant (SB 3498): Amends the Vital Records Act to provide that a “certifying health care professional” under the Act includes a physician assistant.

Mandated Reporters (SB 3833): Amends the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act to add physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and athletic trainers to list of mandated reporters.

Professional Counselor (SB 4013): Provides for the Professional Counselor and Clinical Professional Counselor Licensing and Practice Act repealer extension and re-write. Act sunsets Jan. 1, 2028 (instead of Jan. 1, 2023).

Wholesale Drug Distribution (SB 4014):  Provides for the Wholesale Drug Distribution Licensing Act repealer extension and re-write. Act sunsets Jan. 1, 2028 (instead of Jan. 1, 2023).

Dietitian Nutritionist Practice (SB 4015): Provides for the Dietitian Nutritionist Practice Act repealer extension and re-write. Act sunsets Jan. 1, 2028 (instead of Jan. 1, 2023).

Naprapathic Practice (SB 4016): Provides for the Naprapathic Practice Act repealer extension and re-write. Act sunsets Jan. 1, 2028 (instead of Jan. 1, 2023).

Funeral Directors, Embalmers (SB 4017): Provides for the Funeral Directors and Embalmers Licensing Code repealer extension and re-write. Act sunsets Jan. 1, 2028 (instead of Jan. 1, 2023).

Pharmacy Practice (SB 4018): Provides for the Pharmacy Practice Act repealer extension and re-write. Act sunsets Jan. 1, 2028 (instead of Jan. 1, 2023).

Local Government

Park District Contracts (SB 3050): Increases the threshold for specified park district contracts related to supplies, materials, or work to be competitively bid from $25,000 to $30,000 to be level with forest preserve and conservation districts which were increased to the same amount last year.  

 Recorder’s Stamp (SB 3187): Provides that a physical or electronic image of the recorder’s stamp satisfies the signature requirement for recorded instruments.  

Library Fees (SB 3497): Reinserts a provision that a library must waive fees to a student in an unincorporated area in Illinois whose household falls at or below the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Income Eligibility Guidelines.  Also, provides the library board may adopt regulations waiving the nonresident fee for person younger than 18.  

Design-Build Contracts (SB 3795): Creates the County Design-Build Authorization Act permitting a county to enter design-build contracts, allowing for one entity to provide both design and fabrication services. Provides protocol for the solicitation and the selection of such proposals. Provides that a county may not, rather than may, request a best and final offer after the receipt of proposals of all qualified design-build entities removing any opposition.  

Missing Persons (SB 3932): Provides that a coroner or medical examiner with custody of human remains that are not identified within 72 hours of discovery shall promptly notify the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the location of those remains and the failure to identify the remains. 


Accelerated Payment Exemption (SB 3651): Allows for an exemption to the Accelerated Payment made by employers when a member has an increase in reported wages of more than 6 percent in any 12-month period in the final rate of earnings period due to the member being on workers’ compensation. This only changes the timing as Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund employers are statutorily required to make payments.

Early Retirement (SB 3652): Corrects a drafting error in a sample resolution that an employer would use to adopt the early retirement provision. No substantive changes.

Chicago Laborers Service (SB 3778): Allows investigators employed by the Gaming Board or the Department of Revenue to be able to purchase up to five years credit served as a downstate firefighter, Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) county corrections officer, a cook county court services officer, or a police officer at and IMRF municipality. Requires employer, employee contribution plus interest to be paid to make such a purchase.

IMRF Transfer (SB 3785): Allow credit purchase for Downstate police of IMRF credit for county correctional officers and municipal administrative law enforcement employees. Creates a six-month window for active members of a downstate police pension fund to transfer credit served in IMRF as a county correctional officer and also a person employed by a participating municipality to perform administrative duties is also eligible for the transfer window under the same parameters.

Retirement Date (SB 3954): States that the effective date of a retirement annuity may be after the official date of termination of employment but before “de minumus post-termination employment” of not more than 10 days or less than $2,000 in compensation.

Chicago Teachers Pension Fund (SB 3957): States that for the two seats elected among active members and the three seats elected from annuitant members, the elections for these seats must take place as soon the first week of November but not later than the third week of November. Currently, such election must take place during the first week of November.

Return to Work Service (SB 4000): States that a retired Chicago teachers re-employed as a teacher or an administrator on a temporary basis may work up 140 days without having their pension cancelled.

Widow’s Annuity (SB 4053): States that for Chicago Police and Chicago Fire, starting Jan. 1, 2023, the minimum amount to be paid for a widow’s annuity is to be no less than 150 percent above the federal poverty level (currently, 125 percent).

Public Safety

Protection Workers Security (SB 3732): Creates the DCFS Child Protection Security Force within the Department of Children and Family Services. Requires the Department, in conjunction with the Illinois State Police, to establish criteria for the hiring of officers, education and training curriculum, and protocols for engagement with child protection workers and families.


Non-Permanent Improvements (SB 2154): Clarifies that buildings, structures, and improvements that are not permanently attached to the land are not considered property for the purposes assessments under the Property Tax Code.

Palatine TIF Extension (SB 2990): Extends the life of a TIF district in the Village of Palatine for an additional 12 years.

Income Tax Credit (SB 3027): Creates a new $500 income tax credit for volunteer firefighters and emergency workers and this would be effective tax year of 2023, the credit is non-refundable, and the credit is exempt from the automatic expiration provisions of section 250 of the Illinois Tax Act.

Dyed Diesel Tax (SB 3090): Amends the Motor Fuel Tax Law and allows tax-free sales of dyed diesel fuel for non-highway purposes and adds language to clarify for the sale to be tax-free, the sale must be made by a licensed distributor to the end user of the fuel, who is not a licensed distributor.

TIF Parcel Contiguity (SB 3106): Clarifies that parcels are attached if they touch or join one another in a reasonably substantial sense. Also provides that parcels are also considered to be contiguous if they meet the criteria for annexation under the Illinois Municipal Code, and makes the changes retroactive regarding pending actions, except to any rights of a party subject to a final judgment entered pursuant to the Sept. 23, 2021, opinion of the Illinois Supreme Court in Board of Education of Richland School District 88A v. City of Crest Hill, 2021 IL 126444.

Mental Health Tax Levies (SB 3215): Amends the Community Care for Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, the Counties Code, the Property Tax Code, and the Community Mental Health Act to validate existing levies for certain community mental health boards and brings the acts in compliance with Property Tax Extension Law Limit.

Sales Tax Exemption (SB 3634): Provides that, beginning on July 1, 2022, breast pumps, breast pump collection and storage supplies, and breast pump kits are exempt from sales tax.

County MFT Definitions (SB 3658): Amends the County Motor Fuel Tax Law in the Counties Code. Defines “sold at retail within the county” and “retailers within the county.”

Motor Fuel Delivery (SB 3661): Amends the Motor Fuel Tax Law and repeals the requirement that railroad companies, street, suburban or interurban railroad companies, pipeline companies, motor truck or motor tank car companies, water transportation companies, and every person transporting reportable motor fuel to a point in this state from a point without this state report deliveries of motor fuel in the State of Illinois.

IDOR PTAX Training (SB 3685): Requires the Department to conduct property assessment courses and training around the State, to remove the requirement that at least one course be conducted in each county with more than 400,000 inhabitants and to instead allow the courses and training to be conducted virtually.

Sales Tax (SB 3832): Amends the Use Tax Act, the Service Use Tax Act, the Service Occupation Tax Act, and the Retailers’ Occupation Tax Act. Provides that tangible personal property sold by or on behalf of the State Treasurer pursuant to the Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act is exempt from sales tax.

Recovery and Mental Health Tax Credit (SB 3882): Requires the Department of Human Services to establish and administer a recovery tax credit program to provide tax incentives to qualified employers who employ eligible individuals in recovery from a substance use disorder or mental illness in part-time and full-time positions within Illinois. Creates the Advisory Council on Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorder Impacts on Employment Opportunities within Minority Communities.

PTAX Commercial Assessment (SB 3894): Amends the Department of Revenue Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois and requires the Department of Revenue to conduct a property tax assessment process study.

Omnibus Affordable Housing (SB 3895): Provides that to receive a reduction in assessed value, an owner, for the purpose of the initial application and only until the building is put in service, may provide proof of either a deed restriction or participation in a government program that includes legally enforceable affordability requirements comparable to the requirements of this Code and the chief county assessment officer shall furnish a letter of intent to the applicant indicating that a preliminary assessment of the new construction or qualifying rehabilitation indicates that it will meet all eligibility requirements and adds an immediate effective date.

Tax Microchips (SB 3917): Creates the Manufacturing Illinois Chips for Real Opportunity (MICRO) Program to be administered by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and creates various tax incentives for manufacturers of semiconductors, microchips, or semiconductor or microchip component parts, subject to an agreement with the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Film Tax Credit Transfer Fee (SB 3944): Allows certain non-resident wages qualify as Illinois labor expenditures and therefore eligible for the tax credit and creates the Illinois Production Workforce Development fund to be funded with a fee imposed on the transfer of film production services credits.

State Government

Youth Entrepreneurs Assistance (SB 2984): Adds youth entrepreneurs to the specified groups to be assisted at Entrepreneurship Assistance Centers.

DOC Property Database (SB 3597): Establishes that by Dec. 31, 2022, the Department of Corrections is required to create a searchable database on its website that discloses all real property under its control. Requires data to be supplied for each piece of property.

Design-Build Procurement (SB 3625): Amends the Design-Build Procurement Act’s repeal date by five years, from July 1, 2022, to July 1, 2027.

Solid Waste Site Operator (SB 3626): Creates a single Solid Waste Site Operator Certification process. Increases fee for certificate to $1,000.

Technology Development (SB 3777): Adds changes to reporting requirements and investment amount from the State Treasurer pertaining to TDA II-Recipient Funds created by a venture-capital firm.

Designated Representative (SB 3786): Amends the state Treasurer Act to state that the definition of “designated representative” also can be an entity when pertaining to ABLE accounts. Requires that the designated representative must provide certification of the basis for the person’s ability to act as a designated representative.

Community Development Loan (SB 3847): Changes the language to describe “approved” financial institutions rather than just “financial institutions” when pertaining to the State Treasurer Loan Guarantee Program. Also states that the State Treasurer may withdraw funds from any Loan Guarantee Account for a financial institution’s failure to comply with program requirements.

DoIT Client Agencies Assistance (SB 3938): Removers provisions requiring the Department of Innovation and Technology to assist client agencies in identifying funding opportunities and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and grant terms. Also removes provisions requiring the Department to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to coordinate or centralize communications services among State agencies with offices at different locations.

DoIT Cybersecurity (SB 3939): Requires the Secretary of DoIT to establish a liaison program for local governments and school districts. Requires every employee of a county, municipality, and school district to complete an annual training program. States that each municipality with a population of 35K or more shall designate a local official as the primary point of contact for cybersecurity issues. Also creates the Technology, Education, and Cybersecurity Fund. It would amend the Freedom of Information Act by adding the exposure of vulnerabilities, policies, or plans of cybersecurity to the exemption list.

Audit Expense Fund (SB 3942): Makes various funds transfers from the State Treasurer into the Audit Expense Fund.

Department on Aging Portal (SB 4024): Removes the requirement that the hyperlink be named “Resident’s Right to Know” from the Department on Aging’s Choice Information Report Portal.

Inspector General Report (SB 4025): Requires the Inspector General to report to the Department of Public Health’s Health Care Worker Registry the identity and finding of each employee of a facility or agency against whom there is a final investigative report prepared by the Office when it contains a substantiated allegation of physical or sexual abuse, financial exploitation, or egregious neglect of an individual. The Report doesn’t have to include the details of the employee if the Inspector General requests a stipulated disposition of the investigative report.


Recovery License (SB 3006): Requires the Illinois Commerce Commission to notify an applicant for a recovery license (repo) within 14 days (was 10) after receiving a background check (was after receiving the application). 

Driving Privileges (SB 3007): Provides that if records indicate an individual has committed any of the following offenses, the Secretary of State is authorized to suspend or revoke their driving privileges without a hearing: 

  • Unlawful use of a license
  • Underage possession of cannabis
  • provided false information about their age to a cannabis establishment

Digital License (SB 3096): Authorizes a digital driver’s license. An individual cannot be issued a citation for “driving without a license” if they have a digital license. 

Vehicle Lights, Sirens (SB 3495): Authorizes fire chiefs to place proper lighting on their emergency response vehicles even if the city or municipality does not own the vehicles themselves.

Registration Discount (SB 3609): Provides that registration fee for cars and small trucks manufactured in Illinois shall be reduced by $25. 

Towing Notice (SB 3629): Provides that if a vehicle owner has a legal agreement with the owner of private property permitting the vehicle owner to park on the property, the owner or person in charge of the private property shall provide notice of a tow. 

Penalty Change (SB 3793): Adds community service as a penalty for failing to stop before meeting or overtaking a school bus that is stopped for the purpose of receiving or discharging pupils and has displayed visual signals.

Veterans Affairs

Flag Presentation (SB 3459): Provides for presentation of the State flag to next-of-kin of all Illinois residents who die on active-duty orders. Allows the Adjutant General to designate a representative to present the State flag. 

Dependents Scholarships (SB 3762): Changes the name of MIA/POW scholarship, eligibility, criteria, and adds covered fees under scholarship. Changes the name of the Children of Deceased Veterans Act, adds to the definition of eligible children, and redefines eligible veteran or serviceperson.