February 25, 2022

This summary lists the bills that were reported passed by the Senate on February 25, 2022. More information about these bills is available at the Illinois General Assembly Web site at https://ilga.gov/ .


Conservation Police Officers (SB 3184): Amends the Department of Natural Resources (Conservation) Law. Requires Conservation Police Officers hired after July 1, 2022, to obtain certification pursuant to the Illinois Police Training Act. Limits powers of arrest and permission to carry firearms to Conservation Police Officers 21 years of age or older.

Behavioral and Mental Health

Direct Support Person (SB 3156): Amends the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Administrative Act. Changes references from "direct support person" to "direct support professional." Provides that the direct support professional credential pilot program shall be administered by the Division of Developmental Disabilities of the Department of Human Services or a Division partner.


Journalism Task Force (SB 3082):  Adds five new members to the Journalism Task Force, passed last year. Adds that any additional appointments are to be made 30 days after the effective date of the amendatory Act.

Criminal Law

No Contact Protection Orders (SB 3157): Clarifies that when a petition for an emergency stalking no contact order or emergency civil no contact order is filed, the petition and file shall not be public and shall only be accessible to the court, law enforcement, petitioner, victim advocate, counsel of record for either party, and the State's Attorney for the county until the petition is served on the respondent.


High School Diploma (SB 3792): Amends numerous acts to change references from high school equivalency certificate to State of Illinois High School Diploma.

Diploma Prerequisites (SB 3902): Amends the School Code. Cleans up and meshes the provisions of three Public Acts passed last year that amended prerequisites for receiving a high school diploma.

Mental Health Days (SB 3914): Requires school districts to grant full-time employees five mental health days each school year at full pay. Employees would not be required to provide a medical note or other documentation to use the mental health day.  

Mental Health Resources (SB 4028): Provides that the Comprehensive Health Education Program shall require that the instruction on mental health and illness must discuss how and where to find mental health resources in this State.

Energy and Public Utilities

Hydrogen Economy Task Force (SB 3613): Creates the Hydrogen Economy Act. Creates the Hydrogen Economy Task Force. Provides that the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity shall provide administrative support to the Task Force. Provides that the Task Force shall report to the Governor and the General Assembly by Dec. 1 of each year on its activities, findings, and recommendations.

Climate Works Hubs (SB 3866): Amends the Energy Transition Act. Provides that Climate Works Hubs shall be awarded grants in multi-year increments not to exceed 36 months with the opportunity for grant renewal and modification for subsequent years.

Environment and Conservation

Coal Combustion Residual (SB 3073): Provides that all Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) generated by the electric generating industry located in a municipality bordering Lake Michigan with greater than 75,000 inhabitants but fewer than 150,000 inhabitants shall be removed from the site.

Demolition Documentation (SB 3633): Provides that counties must maintain documentation on the disposal of any demolition debris, clean or general, or uncontaminated soil generated during the demolition, repair, or enclosure of a building for a period of three years identifying the hauler, generator, place of origin of the debris or soil, the weight or volume of the debris or soil, and the location, owner, and operator of the facility where the debris or soil was transferred, disposed, recycled, or treated. States the documentation required, does not apply to a permitted pollution control facility. Landfills and transfer stations are already required to keep these records. 


Municipal Foreign Fire Insurance Board (SB 1571): Changes the foreign fire insurance fee rate from up to 2 percent to 2 percent.  Fees collected by a municipality or third-party organization, such as IML, must be paid to the foreign insurance board. Pre-empts home-rule, requiring each municipality to assess the fee. Provides fire insurance boards the ability to hold and manage these funds along with the ability to sue for violations of the foreign fire insurance statute. 

Procurement Single-Use Plastic (SB 1915): Bans the state and state venders from offering single-use plastic foodware at state parks and natural areas. Gives preference to venders that use compostable or recyclable foodware.

Sports Wager Supplier Licenses (SB 2973): Reduces supplier license renewal fees from $150,000 yearly to $50,000 every four years.

Local Officials (SB 3460): Amends the Counties Code and Township Code to create a process to remove elected officials that are charged with a crime and placed on administrative leave until the courts can render a decision on their case.

FOIA Medical Records (SB 3695): Amends the Freedom of Information Act to expand the exemption for disclosure of private information so that “private information” includes electronic medical records and information located on an electronic medical records system that could lead to a patient’s identification. Medical records withheld must also comply with state and federal privacy laws and regulations included, but not limited to, HIPAA.

RTA Transit Funding Report (SB 3848): Requires the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning and its Metropolitan Planning Organization to develop and submit recommendations for changes to sales tax formula and distributions, governance structures, regional fare systems, or any other policy or funding related to land use and transportation.


Nursing Home Care (SB 1633): Amends the Nursing Home Care Act. Adds specific rights to the Act, which include the right to have their human and civil rights maintained in all aspects of medical care, and that a resident shall have his or her basic human needs accommodated in a timely manner. Outlines guidelines and provisions for legislative purpose, resident rights, and grievance procedures.

Prescription Inquiry System (SB 3024): Allows County Health Departments access to data from the prescription inquiry system for educational, intervention, fraud prevention, and analysis purposes.

Pat McGuire Fellowship (SB 3645): Changes the existing Pat McGuire Child Welfare Education Fellowship Pilot Program stating that it will provide financial assistance to a diverse pool of eligible students. Previously the language just stated provides financial assistance toe eligible students.


Glucose Monitors (SB 2969): Amends the Illinois Insurance Code to mandate coverage for continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), beginning Jan. 1, 2023.


Child Support (SB 3036): Amends the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act to update child support services in Illinois. The two main changes include:

  • Authorizes the court to order life insurance policy be continued on the life of a parent to ensure child support continues if that parent dies.
  • Prohibits a court from using “contemplation or foreseeability of events” by the parties as a complete defense to a motion to modify child support or maintenance.


Child Bereavement Leave (SB 3120): Amends the Child Bereavement Leave Act. Changes the name of the Act to the Family Bereavement Leave Act and expands the covered individuals and events for which an employee is entitled to take bereavement leave. 

One Day of Rest in Seven Act (SB 3146): Provides that any employer found in violation of this act shall be guilty of a CIVIL offense and requires a 24-hour rest period in a seven consecutive day period. 

Licensed Activities

Music Therapy (SB 2243): Creates the Music Therapy License and Practice Act. Provides for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to administer the Act to ensure Music Therapists have the proper education and training. Music therapy is used to treat Alzheimer, autistic or other neurologic disorders.

Crematory Regulation (SB 3092): Amends the Crematory Regulation Act to provide that various signatures required under the Act can be in either paper or electronic format.

Local Government

Certificate Costs (SB 1411): Requires a local county clerk or registrar to provide one certified copy of a death certificate to the family of an active duty or retired service member of the US military. The cost of subsequent copies shall not exceed $6 each.


Chicago Laborers Board (SB 2952): Allows the City Treasurer of Chicago to appoint a designee from among employees of the City who is versed in the affairs of the Treasurer's office to act in the absence of the Treasurer on matters pertaining to administration of the Labor Employee's Annuity and Benefit Fund of the City.

Retirement Date (SB 3954): States that the effective date of a retirement annuity may be after the official date of termination of employment but before “de minumus post-termination employment” of not more than 10 days or less than $2,000 in compensation.


Non-Permanent Improvements (SB 2154): Clarifies that buildings, structures, and improvements that are not permanently attached to the land are not considered property for the purposes assessments under the Property Tax Code.

Skill Bridge Tax Credit (SB 2173): Provides if an apprentice is hired through the DoD SkillBridge apprenticeship program the employer is entitled to the education expense tax credit and the tax credit is $3,500 per qualifying employee.

TIF Parcel Contiguity (SB 3106): Clarifies that parcels are attached if they touch or join one another in a reasonably substantial sense. Also provides that parcels are also considered to be contiguous if they meet the criteria for annexation under the Illinois Municipal Code, and makes the changes retroactive regarding pending actions, except to any rights of a party subject to a final judgment entered pursuant to the Sept. 23, 2021, opinion of the Illinois Supreme Court in Board of Education of Richland School District 88A v. City of Crest Hill, 2021 IL 126444.

Sales Tax Exemption (SB 3634): Provides that, beginning on July 1, 2022, breast pumps, breast pump collection and storage supplies, and breast pump kits are exempt from sales tax.

Sales Tax (SB 3832): Amends the Use Tax Act, the Service Use Tax Act, the Service Occupation Tax Act, and the Retailers’ Occupation Tax Act. Provides that tangible personal property sold by or on behalf of the State Treasurer pursuant to the Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act is exempt from sales tax.

State Government

Senior Housing (SB 702): Establishes the Senior Housing Resident's Advisory Committee within the Illinois Department on Aging.

Child Protection Investigators (SB 1486): Authorizes child protective investigators to carry personal protection spray devices (mace). Provides that Illinois State Police shall establish a training program for proper use of personal protection sprays.

Geographic Research (SB 3179): Creates the Illinois Center for Geographic Information Act, which authorizes a new research center within the Prairie Research Institute at U of I to evaluate proposal and make recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly on efficient development and use of geographic information management technology for state, regional, local, and academic agencies/institutions.

DOC Property Database (SB 3597): Establishes that by Dec. 31, 2022, the Department of Corrections is required to create a searchable database on its website that discloses all real property under its control. Requires data to be supplied for each piece of property.

Solid Waste Site Operator (SB 3626): Creates a single Solid Waste Site Operator Certification process. Increases fee for certificate to $1,000.

Designated Representative (SB 3786): Amends the state Treasurer Act to state that the definition of “designated representative” also can be an entity when pertaining to ABLE accounts. Requires that the designated representative must provide certification of the basis for the person’s ability to act as a designated representative.


Emissions Inspection Stations (SB 1234): Requires the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to submit a report by Oct. 1, 2022, to the General Assembly containing its plan to replace the dismantled official inspection stations located in Chicago. Emission testing is required in Cook, DuPage, and Lake, and certain ZIP codes in Kane, Kendall, McHenry, Will, Madison, Monroe, and St. Clair counties.

Transportation Infrastructure (SB 2981): Creates the Innovations for Transportation Infrastructure Act, and authorizes the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority to use the design-build project delivery method or the construction manage general contractor project delivery method for transportation facilities. 

Digital License (SB 3096): Authorizes a digital driver’s license. An individual cannot be issued a citation for “driving without a license” if they have a digital license.