January 7, 2022

This summary lists the bills that were reported passed by Senate Committees during the week of January 3-7, 2022. More information about these bills is available at the Illinois General Assembly Web site at https://ilga.gov/.


Citizen Services Coordinator (HB 2985): Allows the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to hire a Citizen Services Coordinator for each regional office.


Gender Neutral (HB 45): Changes all statutory references of alderman and aldermen to alderperson and alderpersons. Changes all statutory references of congressman to congressperson.

Election Reforms (HB 1953): Amends Election Code to address mail blackout date, voting-by-mail request period, and petition circulator affidavits.

For 2022, blackout period on mailing for primary begins May 15, 2022, still ends day after primary election.

“‘Notwithstanding any provision of Section 19-2 to the contrary,’ electors may request vote-by- mail ballots for the general primary election beginning on March 30, 2022, but no later than June 23, 2022.”

Adds petition circulator affidavit options on signatures:

  • For 2022 elections only, a fourth option allows circulators to state that petition signatures were collected between January 13 and March 14, or from January 13 and an affirmed date.
  • For option 3: Adds “, or (3) for elections where the petition circulation period is 90 days,” before “certifying that none of the signatures on the sheet were signed more than 90 days preceding the last day for the filing of the petition”

“‘State Central Committeeperson’ includes ‘committeeman’ and ‘committeewoman’ for those persons elected or appointed under State Central Committee Alternative B under Section 7-8.”

Judicial Sub-circuits (HB 3138): Creates the Judicial Circuits Redistricting Act of 2022.Amends the Election Code to create a new election timeline just for the 3rd and 19th Circuits for the 2022 Election. Repeals the Judicial Circuits Apportionment Act of 2005.

Amends the Circuit Courts Act for the following Circuits:

  • Cook
  • 3rd Circuit: Madison and Bond
  • 6th Circuit: Champaign County
  • 7th Circuit: Sangamon, Macoupin, Morgan, Scott, Greene, and Jersey
  • 10th Circuit: Peoria, Stark, Putnam, Marshall, Tazewell
  • 12th Circuit: Will
  • 14th Circuit: Rock Island, Mercer, Henry, Whiteside
  • 16th Circuit: Kane
  • 17th Circuit: Winnebago, Boone
  • 18th Circuit: DuPage
  • 19th Circuit: Lake
  • 22nd Circuit: McHenry


Nursing Home Care (SB 1633): Amends the Nursing Home Care Act. Adds specific rights to the Act, which include the right to have their human and civil rights maintained in all aspects of medical care, and that a resident shall have his or her basic human needs accommodated in a timely manner. Outlines guidelines and provisions for legislative purpose, resident rights, and grievance procedures.

Human Services

Adult Protective Services (HB 3918): Amends the Adult Protective Services Act to expand the definition of “mandated reporter” to include investment advisors and insurance adjusters.


Mental Health Facility (SB 586): Amends the definition of Mental Health Facility to state it does not include a person who was admitted for unrelated medical conditions not related to a mental illness if:

1) the mental health treatment remains incidental to the medical admission, and

2) the mental health treatment remains voluntary and does not deviate from existing treatment.

Licensed Activities

Pharmacy Practice (SB 2535): Amends the Pharmacy Practice Act by:

  • Requires that a licensed pharmacist shall dispense an opioid antagonist in accordance with written, standardized procedures or protocols developed by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Department of Human Services.
  • Before dispensing an opioid, a pharmacist shall inform patients that opioids are addictive and offer to dispense an opioid antagonist.

Amends the Controlled Substances Act by:

  • Requires prescribers who issue a prescription for an opioid shall inform the patient that opioids are addictive and that opioid antagonists are available by prescription or from a pharmacy.
  • In a hospital or institutions licensed under the Hospital Licensing Act, all prescribers of an opioid shall inform the patient that opioids are addictive and that opioid antagonists are available by prescription or from a pharmacy.
  • Upon discharge any patient who has overdosed on controlled substances shall be provided with an opioid antagonist. If that patient is unable to pay for the antagonist, then the State shall reimburse the hospital for the antagonist from federal grant funds to address substance use disorder or other State funds for the same purpose.

Local Government

Elections Omnibus (HB 716): Amends the Election Code. Key takeaways include:

  • Provides for the redistricting of the DuPage Forest Preserve.
  • Forbids judicial political committees form accepting out-of-state donations.
  • Provides for non-binary applications for voter registration.
  • Changes the civil penalties for finance reporting violations.
  • Increases precinct size (1,200 outside Chicago; 1,800 inside Chicago).
  • Requires wheelchair accessible booth at each polling location.
  • Permits election authorities to increase the number of their voting centers from one.
  • Allows election authorities to change voting center hours prior to 40 days before an general election.
  • Permits vote-by-mail applications to be submitted via email.
  • Removes the requirement that drop-box ballots must be picked up every day at the close of business, permitting them more sporadic pickups.
  • Pushes subcircuit redistricting back until 2022.
  • Grants more time for county redistricting.
  • Pushes back the legislative mailing black-out date.