March 11, 2021

This summary lists the bills that were reported passed by the Senate on March 10. More information about these bills is available at the Illinois General Assembly Web site at .

Download the full summary here.

Bills that were reported passed by the Senate on March 10

Special Warranty Deeds (SB 46): Create a statutory form for special warranty deeds, one of the most common deeds used in commercial real estate practice. Currently, no special warranty deed exists in statute.

Trade-in Cap (SB 58): Repeals the $10,000 cap on the exclusion from sales tax when you trade in your vehicle at a dealership.

Electronic Wills (SB 72): Provides for the valid execution, attestation, self-proving, and probate of electronic wills, paper copies of electronic wills, and wills attested to by witnesses through audio-video communication; and the valid execution, attestation, and witnessing of documents, other than wills, through audio-visual communication.

DNR Land Transfer (SB 84): Authorizes the transfer of the unused portions of the Rock Island Railroad right away in Dunlap from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to the Village of Dunlap. This parcel is adjacent to existing park space and will be used for additional park space and eventually walking trails or other recreational amenities.

Pandemic Hospitality Recovery (SB 104): Permits retailers to use credit cards to pay for their liquor purchases. Adds single-servings of wine to the list of drinks (mixed drinks, cocktails) that can be sold via delivery or carry out. Extends the delivery/carry-out (to-go) provisions from June 2, 2021, to Jan. 1, 2024. Permits restaurants and bars to pay taxes once a month, rather than four times a month

Adoption Process (SB 107): Streamlines the process of adoption. Provides that an Illinois court has jurisdiction over the adoption of a child born/residing in Illinois and being adopted by an out-of-state family if a licensed Illinois agency provides certain adoption services, including counseling the birth parent as to a surrender or consent. Makes other changes.

Shareholders Meetings (SB 116): Provides that if the Board of Directors is authorized to determine the place of a meeting of shareholders, the Board may determine the meeting may be held by remote communication. If the remote meeting option is chosen, the Board must provide shareholders with a reasonable opportunity to participate in the meeting and vote on matters submitted to shareholders.

College Savings Pool (SB 168): Provides that the State Treasurer may perform any other actions he or she deems necessary to administer the College Savings Pool.

TIF Redevelopment Project (SB 188): Expands the definition of “redevelopment project costs” within the TIF Act to include lost revenue attributable to the COVID‐19 public health emergency. Allows municipalities to set up criteria, an application process, and other procedures to reimburse the businesses. Reimbursement may come in the form of grants, subsidies, or loans.

Parking Tax Exemptions (SB 217): Specifies that the Parking Excise Tax does not apply to any parking area or garage owned and operated by a city, village, county, township, or incorporated town.