March 20, 2021

This summary lists the bills that were reported passed by Senate Committees during the week of March 15-19. More information about these bills is available at the Illinois General Assembly Web site at .

You can download the full summary here.


Vets Free Trapping License (SB 1533): Allows a veteran who is certified by the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs to be at least 10 percent disabled with service related disabilities or who is in receipt of total disability pension may trap, as permitted by the Code, without procuring a trapping license.

Also, a military member returning from mobilization and service outside the United States who is an Illinois resident may trap, as permitted by the Code, without paying any fees required to obtain a trapping license, if he or she applies for the license within two years after returning from service abroad or after mobilization.


Weights and Measures (SB 1657): Provides that, beginning with the 2022 registration year, a registrant must complete an online review for each type of weighing and measuring device the registrant intends to install, service, recondition, or repair. A registrant must complete the online review every five years thereafter.


Behavioral and Mental Health


Dementia Training Program (SB 331): Requires the Illinois Department on Aging to develop a Dementia Training Program for agency employees of the Adult Protective Services Division.


Mental Health Resources (SB 1575): Requires the Illinois Department of Human Services to create and maintain an online database and resource page on its website containing mental health resources geared toward first responders in an effort to connect those people with resources related to: crisis services, wellness, trauma information, nutrition, stress reduction, anxiety, depression, violence prevention, suicide prevention, and substance use.


Criminal Law


No Contact Order (SB 1677): Closes a loophole in the Stalking No Contact Order Act so that a person who is prohibited from contacting another via phone or in person can also be restrained from sending email, Facebook messages, or texts.




Mental Health Excused Absence (SB 1577): Provides that absence from school for cause by illness shall include the mental or behavioral health of a student for up to five days for which the child need not provide a medical note. The child shall be given the opportunity to make up any school work missed during the mental or behavioral health absence.

Sharing School Administrators (SB 1637): Provides two methods – via resolution or referendum – for school districts to share the services of superintendents and other administrators, except principals and assistant principals. Any savings realized as a result of the sharing of services must be divided equally between the classroom and property tax relief.

School Team Uniforms (SB 1784): Requires the governing board of each school district, public university, and community college to allow a student athlete to modify his/her team uniform for the purpose of modesty in clothing or attire that is in accordance with the requirements of his/her religion.

Financial Literacy Course (SB 1830): Provides that a course in financial literacy may be taken toward the fulfillment of the mathematics requirement for high school students.

Evaluation Practices (SB 1831): Requires each school district to determine research-based and proven evaluation practices when developing its evaluation plan. The practices may include incorporating the use of data and indicators on student growth, student surveys, teacher self-evaluation, goal-setting practices, peer-to-peer feedback, practices developed and approved by a specified joint committee, or practices recommended by the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council.

Energy and Public Utilities


Public Utilities (SB 515): Allows smaller private water companies to bid and purchase city water systems if the city agrees to the buyout (private water with 15,000 customers). Changes current law referred to as the American Water utility law in which large utilities pay cash to small city-owned water systems because of the poor financial health of the water system.


Environment and Conservation


Energy and Recycling (SB 671): Provides for the transfer of specified functions, staff, administrative rules, and unexpended appropriations from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s Office of Energy and Recycling to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.


Drycleaner Trust Fund (SB 1781): Provides that, notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, the Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund is not subject to sweeps, administrative charge-backs, or any other fiscal maneuver that would in any way transfer any amounts from the Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund into any other fund of the State.




Firefighter Raffles (SB 521): Authorizes fire protection agencies and fire protection associations to obtain raffle licenses.


Judicial Training (SB 563): Requires, subject to appropriation, the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, to develop and implement an ongoing education and training program for judges and other relevant court personnel, regarding: domestic violence or intimate partner violence; child abuse; racial bias in sentencing; cultural competency; transgender and gender nonconforming; and impact of trauma on youth brain development. This training must be conducted quarterly and include the latest best practices from evidence-based and peer-reviewed research.


In-state Tuition (SB 572): Requires Illinois public universities and community colleges, for the purposes of determining residency for in-state tuition, to consider dependent students whose parent or guardian holds an H-1B visa or Permanent Resident Card, as Illinois residents. Student must still satisfy other conditions that determine Illinois residency.


Court Clerks (SB 583): Specifies that receipts, obligations, and use of public funds by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County are public records subject to public inspection. Specifies that clerks of court shall, rather than may, accept credit card payment over the Internet for fines, penalties, and court costs. For purposes of calculating community service toward the payment of a court assessment, one hour of community service shall be worth $10 (currently, $4).



Healthcare Access and Availability


Contagious Disease Hospitals (SB 102): Repeals the City and Village Tuberculosis Sanitariums Division, and the Contagious Disease Hospitals Division of the Illinois Municipal Code.


Redacted Birth Certificate (SB 336): Requires the Illinois Department of Public Health to issue a birth certificate with the identity of the attending physician redacted upon request by any person 18 or older named on the certificate or that persons parent, legal representative, or attorney.




Long-Term Care Wage (SB 110): Places a floor on the local Long-Term Care wage adjustor into statute, which would hypothetically increase the amount of money available to certain rural nursing home providers.


Medicaid Cap on RX Drugs (SB 142): Provides that long-term care facilities, Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs), supportive living facilities, and intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled are not subject to prior approval as a result of the four-prescription limit.


Medicaid Reimbursement (SB 251): Establishes a rate floor for Medicaid Managed Long-Term Care contracts at the fee-for-service level.


DCFS Cleanup (SB 315): Clarifies professional requirements for members wanting to serve on the Illinois Department of Children Family Services (DCFS) License Board. States that DCFS must respond to requests from the public about its post-placement and post-adoption support services no later than one business day (currently, 24 hours) after receiving the request.


Medicaid Dental Package (SB 346): Establishes a three-part Medicaid Dental Package. Provides for reimbursement rate increases for specified dental procedures for adults.  Requires the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to administer and regulate a school-based dental program that allows for the out-of-office delivery of preventive dental services in a school setting to children younger than 19. Requires Medicaid coverage for dental charges incurred, and anesthetics provided, in conjunction with dental care provided for persons with disabilities.


Higher Education


Higher Ed Savings Program (SB 166): Establishes the Illinois Higher Education Savings Program as a part of the College Savings Pool, subject to appropriation by the General Assembly.


Higher Ed Veterans Service (SB 641): Requires colleges and universities currently required to have a Coordinator of Veterans and Military Personnel Student Services to advertise the office location, phone number, and electronic contact information and a short description of what services the Coordinator might be able to provide on the school’s website and social media accounts. Adds requirement to report to the Board of Higher Education the efforts the school is making to attract, recruit, and retain veterans and military personnel.


Sexual Misconduct Survey (SB 1610): Requires a higher education institution every two years to shall conduct a sexual misconduct climate survey of all students at its institution. A summary of the survey is to be submitted to the Attorney General and published on the higher education institution’s website. The survey shall collect anonymous responses and shall not provide for the public disclosure of any personally identifying information.


Agriculture Classes (SB 1624): Provides that agricultural sciences will count toward the three years of science required to be admitted into a public university. Provides that agricultural education will count toward the two years of electives required to be admitted into a public university.


Higher Education Grants (SB 1697): Allow universities to use the same process of reporting their state grants as they do for federal grants. Removes state appropriations from a state agency to public institutions of higher education from Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) provisions. For public institutions of higher education, the GATA provisions only apply to awards funded by federal pass-through awards from a state agency to public institutions of higher education.


Human Rights


School Council Disqualification Changes (SB 148): Amends the Chicago School District Article of the School Code. Strikes language from current law that would disqualify an individual from election/ appointment to a Local School Council for a host of offenses under the Criminal Code and the Illinois Controlled Substance Act. Also strikes a provision in current law that requires that all incoming Local School Council members undergo a criminal background investigation prior to taking office.


Holocaust and Genocide Commission (SB 544): Extends the repeal date of the Illinois Holocaust and Genocide Commission Act by 10 years from Jan. 1, 2022, to Jan. 1, 2032. The Illinois Holocaust and Genocide Commission promotes and provides guidance on Holocaust and genocide education and commemoration across the state.


Address Confidentiality Program (SB 593): Allows victims of human trafficking to apply for the Address Confidentiality for Victims of Domestic Violence Act.




Uniform Electronic Transactions (SB 493): Requires all dental plan carriers and dental care providers to exchange claims and eligibility information electronically using the standard electronic data interchange transactions for claims submissions, payments, and verification of benefits required under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in order to be compensable by the dental plan carrier.


Dental Disorder Coverage (SB 499): Amends the State Employees Group Health Insurance Act of 1971 to mandate coverage for the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder and craniomandibular disorder. The coverage will be optional and provided for at an additional premium.


Rental Damage Waiver (SB 1536): Provides a vehicle rental company may void the damage waiver if the vehicle is stolen and the renter fails to return the vehicle’s ignition key and key tag identifying the rental vehicle; fails to file a police report within 24 hours of discovery of the theft; and fails to fully cooperate with the rental company, law enforcement agency, or any other authority in all matters connected to the investigation of the stolen vehicle.



Surplus Property (SB 60): Grants the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) and agency heads more flexibility in determining if a property is surplus. Grants CMS the ability to sell surplus properties at less than their fair-market value – under certain circumstances. Also permits CMS to sell surplus properties via an electronic auction.


Health Care Surrogate (SB 109): Clarifies that emergency responders and other health care personnel are to follow a Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form that has been executed by a patient and to clarify when a health care surrogate can void or revoke a POLST form.


Marriage Certificates (SB 139): Adds a provision to allow a person to change or remove gender identifying language on a marriage certificate.


Court Security (SB 337): Allows the Office of Marshal for the Supreme Court to also employ court security officers. They must have the same training as Marshals. They will have same arrest powers as a court security officer hired by a county sheriff.


Anatomical Gifts (SB 500): States that a hospital, physician and surgeon, procurement organization, or other person shall not, solely on the basis of an individual’s mental or physical disability to determine an individual ineligible to receive an anatomical gift or organ transplant or deny medical and other services related to organ transplantation.


Foreclosure Notice (SB 595): Provides that in mortgage foreclosure actions, the plaintiff or their attorney shall send a copy of the publication to each defendant (currently, Clerk of the Court).


Land Transfer (SB 622): Lists properties that are part of the Illinois Department of Transportation’s annual land conveyance bill.

Human Rights Housing (SB 1561): States that it is a civil rights violation for a third-party loan modification service provider to refuse to do the following services because of unlawful discrimination, familial status, or an arrest record: 1) Engage in loan modification services or to discriminated in making those services available; or 2) Alter the terms, conditions, or privileges of their services.

Electronic Signatures (SB 1611): Allows the Secretary of State (SOS) to accept electronic signatures via administrative rules. An electronic record or electronic signature accepted by the SOS shall be admissible in all administrative, quasi-judicial, and judicial proceedings.


Land Transfers (SB 1655): Updates land transfers by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources in the City of Wyoming (Rock Island Trail); in Pulaski County (Cache River) and the Dunning Read Conservation Easement.


Manufactured Homes (SB 1779): Requires that a lender offering a mortgage for the purchase of a manufactured home make specified disclosures: any affiliation between the landlord and the lending company; that the loan is a chattel loan; that the terms of a chattel loan prohibit refinancing; and any other reason that prohibits refinancing.


Mobile Homes (SB 1780): Provides that if exigent circumstances arise, the park owner is responsible for providing a water supply to each household. States that the park owner shall provide water following a three-day period in which the normal supply of water is disrupted, and shall provide water for as long as the disruption in water service continues.




Medical Respirator Evaluation (SB 121): Allows the Occupational Safety and Health Administration respirator form to be filled out by a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or paramedic.


Licensed Activities


Medical Practice (SB 130): Extends the sunset date of the Medical Practice Act of 1987 from Jan. 1, 2022, to Jan. 1, 2032.


Remote Prescription Processing (SB 194):  Allows a student pharmacist or licensed pharmacy technician engaged in remote prescription processing of dialysate or devices necessary to perform home peritoneal renal dialysis at a licensed pharmacy shall be permitted to access an employer pharmacy’s database from their home or other remote location while under the supervision of a pharmacist.


Dental Practice (SB 335):  Adds dental anesthesiology to the branches of dentistry. Changes the definition of “teledentistry” to include limited patient diagnosis and treatment planning (rather than patient care) using synchronous and asynchronous communications under an Illinois licensed dentist’s authority (rather than a dentist’s authority).


Optometric Telehealth (SB 567): Adds to and clarifies definitions and provisions in the Illinois Optometric Practice Act of 1987 to further regulate the use of telehealth by optometrists.


Social Worker Examination (SB 1632): Removes the requirement that those applying to be licensed social workers pass an examination authorized by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.


Apartment Building Recycling (SB 1676): Requires that each county’s recycling program shall ensure that apartment buildings with four or more rental units facilitate the conveyance of recycling from the rental units to the nearest waste collection site. Building owners may be subject to penalties for noncompliance with the requirements of the recycling program.


Prescription Costs Request (SB 1682): Deletes language allowing for no more than 10 price disclosure requests for prescription drugs or medical devices for which the person making the request has a prescription. Requires a pharmacy to post a notice informing customers that they may request, in person or on the phone, the current usual and customary retail price of any brand or generic prescription drug or medical device that the pharmacy offers for sale to the public.


CPA Exam Requirements (SB 1723): Allows those who have completed 120 semester hours to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. Prospective CPAs would then have to complete their final 30 semester hours before being licensed.


Cemetery Repairs (SB 1733): Sets rules for the repair or replacement for dilapidated or unsafe columbariums, niches, mausoleums, and private estates. Requires that unless the contract states otherwise cemetery consumers are responsible for any repairs to unsafe coumbarium, niche building, mausoleum, or private estate within the cemetery grounds.


Disinterment Court Order (SB 1734): Requires a court order before a cemetery may disinter deceased human remains from a multiple-depth burial plot if the involved decedent is not located within a concrete outer burial container and if the involved decedent was interred 10 or more years ago.


Corrections Healthcare Vendors (SB 1771): Provides that “health care employer” includes the Department of Corrections or a third-party vendor employing certified nursing assistants working with the Department of Corrections.


IDFPR License (SB 1790):  Requires that the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation publish on its Web site information concerning the process for requesting a rehearing and the process for restoring a license after the successful completion of a term of probation, suspension, or revocation of a license.


Local Government

Township Names (SB 501): Requires the Secretary of State to inform the county clerk if he/she finds two or more townships in a county with the same name. The county board must then adopt a different name for one of the townships. No longer requires the Secretary of State to address situations where different township names are the same among different counties.

Clerk of Court (SB 642): Allows the Clerk of Court to accept payment of fines, penalties, or costs by certified check.



Teacher Service Credit (SB 1646): Allow teachers to buy up to two years of credit for service at parochial school.


Deferred Compensation (SB 1675): Makes technical corrections to the automatic enrollment aspect of public employees’ deferred compensation plan and provides automatic annual increases for said plan.


State Police Pension (SB 1796): Provides that an Illinois State Police officer can purchase up to five years of service time served as a police officer in an Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund participant municipality.




River Edge Income Tax Credit Extension (SB 157): Extends the income tax credit for expenditures incurred in the restoration and preservation of a qualified historic structure located in a River Edge Redevelopment Zone for an additional five years to Jan. 1, 2027, (currently set to expire Jan. 1, 2022).


Abatement for Renovations (SB 253):  Provides that the abatement for property located in an area of urban decay also applies to newly remodeled single-family or duplex residential dwelling units (currently, only newly constructed single-family or duplex dwelling units). Provides that provisions requiring the abatement to be reduced in 20 percent increments annually during the last four years of the abatement period apply only to abatements granted prior to the effective date.


Income Tax Cleanup (SB 1582): Provides that winnings from sports wagering is allocable to Illinois and to require withholding on those winnings if withholding is required federally. Provides that notice of the sale be provided to the Illinois Department of Revenue before the sale occurs and to eliminate the requirement that a notice of a bulk sale be submitted to the Department’s Chicago office.

Provides that a taxpayer who received tax credits pursuant to an Economic Development for a Growing Economy tax credit agreement, and who ceases operations in Illinois prior to meeting the terms of that agreement, will have its tax liability increased in the year it ceases operations in Illinois.


Effingham TIF Extensions (SB 1814): Extends the life for an additional 12 years (from 23 years to 35 years) for two Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts located in the City of Effingham: TIF created on Nov. 21, 2000; and TIF created on Jan. 28, 2003. Both TIFs are approaching their 23-year life span. Extending the TIFs an additional 12 years allows the Effingham to continue with its redevelopment projects.


State Government


Prompt Payment Interest (SB 688): Reduces the Prompt Pay interest rate to the greater of .25 percent per month (3 percent annual) or an annual rate of two times the percentage increase, if any, of the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers during the previous fiscal year. Only applies to bills approved for payment on or after July 1, 2019, and only to bills that were already subject to the Prompt Pay interest rate.


Quincy Veterans’ Home (SB 1539): Clarifies the existing statute to ensure that certain design-build contracts entered into under the Quincy Veterans’ Home Rehabilitation and Rebuilding Act and executed prior to the repeal of that Act, do not expire. Extends the automatic repeal of the section allowing for these contracts from July 2021 to July 2023.


Line-of-Duty Claim (SB 1650): Provides that a line-of-duty claim for a death benefit for a death occurring after Dec. 31, 2016, and before Jan. 1, 2021 may be filed no later than Dec. 31, 2022.


Deferred Comp Enrollment (SB 1681): Makes technical corrections to the automatic enrollment aspect of public employees’ deferred compensation plan and provides automatic annual increases for said plan.


Interview Diversity (SB 1765): Establishes as a goal that state agencies should increase diversity on their hiring panels. Requires each agency to submit an annual report to the Illinois Department of Central Management Services providing data related to diversity in their hiring process.