May 1, 2021

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Criminal Law

Sexual Assault Survivors (SB 969): Amends the Sexual Assault Survivors Emergency Treatment Act. Requires the following rate reimbursement for healthcare facilities and individuals who provide an acute exam to a sexual assault survivor who is uninsured or receives Medicaid: $750 for an acute exam provided to an adult sexual assault survivor; and $500 for an acute exam provided to a pediatric sexual assault survivor.


School Construction (SB 1305): Allows a school district meeting certain specifications to opt out of the portion of School Construction Law that requires school districts to get certification for the project from the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEEDs) Green Building Rating System.


Portable Emissions Testing (SB 2563): Establishes for 2007 model and newer vehicles a peak level of smoke opacity at 5 percent. Requires the Illinois Department of Transportation to issue 12-month permits to portable emissions testing companies if the company: pays a $10 fee; files an application; provides proof of experience, training, and ability necessary to conduct testing; provides proof of approved testing equipment; provides bond of $1,000.


Juvenile Permanency Goals (HB 1068): Provides that at a permanency hearing, allows for permanent guardianship of the minor as long as the other permanency goals have been deemed inappropriate and not in the child’s best interests (rather than ruled out). Requires the court confirm that the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has discussed adoption, if appropriate, and guardianship with the caregiver prior to changing a goal to guardianship.

State Government

Labor Activities (SB 1204): Amends the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act and the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act. Allows for employees to participate in organized labor activities for health and safety reasons. Allows for an employee to stop working on a job site they deem to be dangerous without the stoppage being interpreted as a strike or abandonment of employment.


Boating Requirements Updates (SB 1230): Amends the Boat Registration and Safety Act. Updates the Act to mirror the Vehicle Code in terms of titling and registration including salvage and junking certificates. Updates the “rules of the road” for watercrafts to bring Illinois in line with United States Coast Guard and federal requirements. Increases the fee to replace or correct a registration certificate by $2 to $7.