May 27, 2021

This summary lists the bills that were reported passed by the Senate on May 26. More information about these bills is available at the Illinois General Assembly Web site at .

You can download the full summary here.

Bills that were reported passed by the Senate on May 26

Family and Medical Leave (HB 12): Allows for all employees of public schools and universities to qualify for federal family and medical leave if the employee has worked for 1,000 hours over the previous 12 months.

Time Out and Restraint (HB 219): Provides that the Illinois State Board of Education shall circulate rules governing the use of isolated time out, time out, and physical restrain in public schools and special education nonpublic facilities.

Firefighter Injury Report (HB 351): Requires the fire chief of a secondary employer to report any injury, illness, or exposure incurred by a secondary employee during his/her employment to the Illinois Department of Insurance.

Downstate Fire Fund (HB 381): Allow for transfers from a Downstate Police fund to a Downstate Fire fund that is administered by another unit of local government within six months of Jan. 1, 2022.

Housing Program (HB 449):  Creates the Housing is Recovery Pilot Program at the Illinois Department of Human Services to help provide bridge rental subsidies for individuals either at high risk of unnecessary institutionalization or at high risk of overdose for the purposes of stabilizing their mental illness or substance abuse disorder.

Heath Care Agent (HB 679): Amends the Illinois Power of Attorney Act. Provides that a principal may elect a 30-day delayed revocation of the principal’s healthcare agency.

Employee Sick Leave (HB 816): Organizes certain benefits that must be provided to school employees in relation to leave after the birth, adoption, placement for adoption or fostering of a child.

BFR DCEO Cleanup (HB 832): Provides for Budgeting For Results (BFR) Commission mandate clean-up for the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO). Repeals several obsolete mandates for DCEO.

BFR Cleanup (HB 1726): Provides for a Budgeting For Results (BFR) bill that cleans up statutes with either technical changes, or removing funds that have run their course.

National Board Certified Teachers (HB 2438):  Requires the Illinois State Board of Education’s school report cards to include the number of teachers who are National Board Certified Teachers.

Employee Rights (HB 2521): Amends the Public Labor Relations Act and the Educational Labor Relations Act. Permits public-sector workers to indicate interest in a representation petition electronically. This interest may be evidenced by electronic communication and verified by an electronic signature. Permits public-sector workers to vote on a representative collective bargaining unit by electronic communication verified by an electronic signature. Electronic voting may also be used in secret ballots elections, using an electronic voting system.

Special Education Transition (HB 2748): Provides that eligible students who reached or will reach their 22nd birthday between March 17, 2020, and the end of the 2021-2022 school year shall be afforded the option of extending the student’s eligibility through the end of the 2021-2022 school year. Provides the student with an opportunity to participate in post-secondary transition activities and services and pursue the goals under the student’s most recent individualized education program.

Corrections Medical Release (HB 3665): Gives the Prisoner Review Board (PRB) discretion to grant early release to medically incapacitated and terminally ill patients.