May 29, 2021

This summary lists the bills that were reported passed by the Senate on May 28. More information about these bills is available at the Illinois General Assembly Web site at .

You can download the full summary here.

Bills that were reported passed by the Senate on May 28

Illinois Way Forward Act (SB 667): Creates the Illinois Way Forward Act. Amends the Illinois TRUST Act. Sets guidelines for local and state law enforcement in areas of civil immigration enforcement. Specifies conditions under which local police are prohibited from collaborating with United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement on civil immigration enforcement.

Teacher Evaluations (HB 18): Requires a school district to implement an informal teacher observation plan (rather than an informal teacher evaluation plan). Extends the sunset of the Performance Evaluation Advisory Committee to June 30, 2024. Makes the change applicable to educators in Chicago Public Schools as well.

Special Education Services (HB 40):  Provides that a student whose 22nd birthday occurs during the school year is eligible for special education services through the end of the school year.

Reimbursement to Pharmacists (HB 135): Require insurers to cover health and patient care services provided by a pharmacist if: 1.) the pharmacist meets the requirements and scope of practice set forth under the Pharmacy Practice Act; 2.) the health plan provides coverage for the same service provided by a physician, advanced practice registered nurse, or a physician assistant; 3.) the pharmacist is in-network; and 4.) reimbursement has been successfully negotiated.

Prohibited Investments (HB 232): Provides that prohibited investments/transactions for retirement systems include for-profit companies that contract to shelter migrant children.

Bird Safety (HB 247): Requires each State building constructed, acquired, or of which more than 50 percent of the façade that is substantially altered shall meet specified standards concerning bird safety. Provides requirements for the Director of the Illinois Department of Central Management Services in implementing the standards.

Personal Needs Allowance (HB 292): Provides that residents of Community Integrated Living Arrangements who are eligible for Public Aid shall retain all earned income, beginning July 1, 2021. Expands the program for no-bid contracts with not-for-profit agencies that provide employment for persons with significant disabilities to not-for-profit agencies that provide employment for persons with disabilities or mental health challenges.

Adjunct Professor (HB 375): Provides that the board of trustees at public university or community college must notify an adjunct professor about the status of enrollment of the class the adjunct professor was hired to teach at least 30 days before the beginning of the term and 14 days before the beginning of the term.

Water Financial Assistance (HB 414): Creates all new water assistance fees and programs for low-income families in Illinois. Adds a 20-cents per-month fee on water systems in Illinois. Criteria for assistance is 200 percent of federal poverty line.

TIF Reporting Requirements (HB 571):  Adds additional reporting requirements for Tax Increment Financing Districts to include on their annual report to the Illinois Comptroller.

Pet Loans, Contracts (HB 572): Provides that a sales finance agency shall not finance, enter into a retail installment contract, or make a loan for the purchase of a cat or dog.

EPA Groundwater Monitoring (HB 653): Amends the Illinois Environmental Protection Act. Raises the fees on the owners/operators of clean construction and demolition debris fill operations.

Cannabis Licensing Updates (HB 1443): Amends the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act, the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, and the Illinois Administrative Procedures Act. Provides numerous updates to the cannabis licensing process.

DCEO Innovation Voucher (HB 1855): Creates the Illinois Broadband Adoption Fund Act. Establishes a program for the purpose of expanding availability of broadband connectivity throughout the state by 1.) providing financial assistance to residents, 2.) promoting the adoption of home broadband internet, 3.) supporting digital skills training. Creates the Illinois Broadband Adoption Fund to receive money from the federal American Rescue Plan, General Assembly appropriation, transfers from State Treasurer, or donations. The Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) may determine qualifications for provider participation to accept vouchers distributed as payment under the program and shall notify residents of eligibility for assistance under the program. Eligibility extends to persons receiving TANF, SNAP, and Medicaid.

Official State Microbe (HB 1879): Provides that Penicillium rubens NRRL 1951 is designated the official State microbe of the State of Illinois.

Autism Awareness Day (HB 1954): Designates the first full week of April of each year as Autism Awareness Week. 

TIF Extensions (HB 2365): Amends the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Act of the Municipal Code to provide a TIF district extension for the City of Mt. Pulaski, from 23 to 35 years. Adds a TIF extension for the City of Polo for an additional 12 years.

Fire and Smoke Damper Inspection (HB 2408): Creates the Fire and Smoke Damper Inspection Act. Requires the inspection and testing of HVAC fire and smoke dampers to be conducted by individuals certified by the International Certification Board and accredited to comply with requirements by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or another nationally recognized certifying body.

Long-Term Care (HB 2433): Adds one nonvoting member to the Long-Term Care Facility Advisory Board representing local health departments. Provides that the Illinois Department of Public Health’s annual review and report concerning the complaint process must include substantiated complaints that were completed in a specified time frame.

Marriage Certificates (HB 2590): Requires county clerks to issue a new marriage certificate upon the receipt of legal documentation indicating that one of the parties on the certificate has changed his/her name. The certificate shall reflect the name change and bear no additional markings.

Private Education Loans (HB 2746): Creates the Know Before You Owe Private Education Loan Act. Before a private educational lender may disburse any funds with respect to a private education loan, the private educational lender shall obtain information from the relevant institution of higher education about the enrollment status of the borrower, the borrower’s cost of attendance at the institution and the difference between the cost of attendance and the borrower’s estimated financial assistance.

Expedited Licensing (HB 2776): Amends the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois. Requires the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to process all military service members and their spouses’ licensure applications within 30 days of receiving the completed application (currently, 60 days).

Redistricting (HB 2777): Creates the General Assembly Redistricting Act of 2021. Reapportions the House and Senate Districts in Illinois.

Community Emergency Services (HB 2784): Creates the Community Emergency Services and Support Act. Provides that each 9-1-1 call center and provider of emergency services dispatched through a 9-1-1 system must coordinate with the mobile mental and behavioral health services established by the Division of Mental Health of the Illinois Department of Human Services so that the following State goals and State prohibitions are met whenever a person interacts with one of these entities for the purpose seeking emergency mental and behavioral health care or when one of these entities recognizes the appropriateness of providing mobile mental or behavioral health care to an individual with whom they have engaged.

Student Parent Data (HB 2878): Provides that the Illinois Board of Higher Education, in consultation with Illinois Community College Board, public institutions of higher education, and advocates, shall prepare a question or questions to be placed on one or more forms that are used by an institution on an annual basis to collect demographic data from its students for the purpose of determining the parental status or legal guardian status of each of its enrolled students.

Wind Energy Businesses (HB 3174): Eliminates language that exempted new wind power and wind energy companies that did not comply with the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act.

Student Rights (HB 3223): Creates Article 26 in the School Code to provide a number of new rights to students that are parents, expectant parents, or victims of domestic or sexual violence.

Student Pregnancy (HB 3272): Requires a school board to adopt written policies related to absences and missed homework or classwork assignments as a result of or related to a student’s pregnancy. 

Pembroke Township Program (HB 3404): Creates new pilot program for the distribution of grants for the construction of new natural gas pipelines and infrastructure. Creates new NICOR gas line in Kankakee County Township that now uses propane.

Dream Resources (HB 3438): Requires public universities and community colleges to, beginning in the 2022-2023 academic year, designate an employee as an “undocumented student resource liaison” to provide assistance to undocumented students and mixed status students in streamlining access to financial aid and academic support, including to successfully matriculate. A liaison must be available at each campus.

Sexual Abuse Policy (HB 3461): Provides that by no later than July 1, 2022, a school district shall adopt and implement a policy addressing sexual abuse of children that shall (rather than may) include an age-appropriate and evidence-informed curriculum for students in grades PreK-12 and also clarifies the definition of “grooming.”

Corrections Referral Services (HB 3463): Amends the Unified Code of Corrections to require the Illinois Department of Corrections to make known to inmates the various referral services available to them upon their release.

IEMA Cyber Attack (HB 3523): Amends the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act. Expands the definition of disaster to include “cyber incidents.”

Resentencing Motion (HB 3587): Creates the Resentencing Task Force to study ways to reduce the prison population in Illinois from initiations of resentencing motions filed by State’s Attorneys, the Illinois Department of Corrections, and the judicial branch.

Workplace-Related Infection (HB 3662): Amends the Workers’ Compensation Act. With respect to firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), a contagious staph infection, including MRSA, is rebuttably presumed to arise out of and in the course of employment.

Car-Sharing Program (HB 3712): Provides that a car-sharing program shall assume liability for a shared-vehicle owner during the car-sharing period. The car-sharing program must ensure that, during the car-sharing period, both the shared-vehicle owner and the shared-vehicle driver are insured for liability.

Lead Service-Line Replacement (HB 3739): Amends the Environmental Protection Act, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Law, and the State Finance Act. Requires owners/operators of community water supplies to develop service-line inventories (initial inventory by April 15, 2022, and final by April 15, 2024). Requires owners/operators of community water supplies to create plans to replace lead service lines and galvanized services lines connected downstream to lead piping (initial plan by April 15, 2024, and final by April 15, 2027).

Parent-Child Contact (HB 3793): Provides that the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services may immediately restrict or terminate parent-child contact or sibling contacts, without either amending the parent-child visiting plan or the sibling contact plan or obtaining a court order, where the Department or its assigns reasonably believe there is an immediate need to protect the child’s health, safety, and welfare.