Legislation-Senate May 31, 2021

This summary lists the bills that were reported passed by the Senate on May 30. More information about these bills is available at the Illinois General Assembly Web site at https://ilga.gov/ .

You can download the full summary here.

Bills that were reported passed by the Senate on May 30

Right to Counsel (HB 25): Creates the Right to Counsel in Immigration Proceedings Task Force to investigate the implementation of universal representation for covered individuals in immigration removal proceedings and to submit a report of findings and recommendations for how to fully provide legal representation for covered individuals facing immigration proceedings.

State Agency Certification (HB 132): Requires the Business Enterprise Program, notwithstanding any law or rule to the contrary, to accept minority-owned and women-owned business certifications by the City of Chicago, Cook County, or other entities approved by the Business Enterprise Council, provided that the certifying entities have more stringent certification requirements than those required under the Business Enterprise Program.

Procurement Leases (HB 355): Permits the state to amend property leases to reduce its leased square footage if operational requirements no longer require the full space. Leases can be amended regardless of the procurement or source selection.

Property Tax Vendors (HB 453): Requires taxing districts with an aggregate property tax levy of more than $5 million to make a good-faith effort to collect and publish data from all the vendors and subcontractors doing business with the taxing district on whether: the vendors are minority-owned, women-owned, or veteran-owned businesses; or the vendors or subcontractors are certified as such or if they are self-certifying; if self-certifying, whether they are small businesses.

Future of Work (HB 645): Creates the Illinois Future of Work Task Force. Provides for the duties and responsibilities of the Task Force. Provides that the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity shall provide administrative support to the Task Force. Requires the Task Force to submit a final report to the Governor and the General Assembly no later than Nov. 1, 2022.

Detection of Deception (HB 806): Extends the repeal date of the Detection of Deception Examiners Act and Disciplinary Act to Jan. 1, 2032. Amends the Detection of Deception Examiners Act. Requires applicants to provide an email address of record. Allows for notices required pursuant to a hearing to be served via email.

Sexual Assault Evidence (HB 1739): Requires health care providers and law-enforcement officials working with victims of sexual assault to inform the victims about the Illinois State Police sexual assault evidence tracking system.

Service Of Process (HB 2401): Provides that the Illinois Secretary of State has the duty to accept service of process only in those specifically mandated areas of the law and as determined by the General Assembly. Provides that the Secretary is not the default agent for service of process in the State of Illinois.

Delinquent Tax Fund (HB 2614): Allows the Northwest Home Equity Assurance Program, if authorized via voter referendum or two-thirds vote of the Program’s commissioners, to implement a program that would offer low or zero interest loans aimed at helping homeowners stay in their home who are unable to pay their property tax bill.

Procurement Code Exemption (HB 2616): Exempts acquisitions for repairs, modifications, and replacement parts for assistive technology devices and assistive technology services that provide reasonable accommodations for the following purposes from competitive bidding and other provisions of the Procurement Code: 1.) that enable individuals with disabilities to apply for state employment; 2.) that modify the work environment to enable individuals with disabilities from performing the functions of a job; 3.) that enable current employees with disabilities to enjoy equal benefits and privileges as other employees; 4.) that permit members of the public to fully utilize and enjoy the state’s programs, services, and benefits.

Weights and Measures Education (HB 2621): Provides that, beginning with the 2022 registration year, a registrant must complete an online review for each type of weighing and measuring device the registrant intends to install, service, recondition, or repair.

Local CURE Funding (HB 2643): Provides that financial support funds provided under the Local Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency (Local CURE) Support Program may be used by a unit of local government only for payment of costs permitted to be covered with moneys from the Coronavirus Relief Fund pursuant to specified provisions of the Social Security Act or any other federal law.​

Annuity Withholding (HB 2766): Allow annuitants who were employees of the City of Chicago to authorize a portion of their annuities to a labor organization (current law allows this only for the labor organization that represented the annuitants during their employment).

Medical Practice Act (HB 3139): Amends the Regulatory Sunset Act. Provides for the repeal of the Medical Practice Act of 1987 on Jan. 1, 2027 (rather than Jan. 1, 2022). Amends the Medical Practice Act of 1987. Creates the Illinois State Medical Board to carry out the duties of the Medical Disciplinary Board and the Medical Licensing Board under the Act (and makes conforming changes). Provides for membership of the Illinois State Medical Board.

Telehealth Payment Parity (HB 3308): Gives the Illinois Department of Insurance emergency rulemaking authority until Jan. 1, 2022, and mandates insurers to cover telehealth services, when clinically appropriate and medically necessary.  Makes changes to coverage criteria in order to ensure equitable access and delivery of telehealth services.

Vehicle Franchise Warranty (HB 3940): Changes the manner in which dealers are reimbursed by manufacturers. Provides that manufacturers must pay a dealer no less than the amount a retail customer pays the dealer for the same services. Authorizes the use of agreed-upon time guides. Requires the manufacturer to pay each dealer no less than the amount a retail customer pays for the same services and for the effective labor rate, including diagnoses times and warranty repairs. Applies to warranty work and factory recall.

Circuit Court Clerk Regulation (HB 3956): Allows a clerk or deputy clerk of a circuit court to draft or prepare documents required or authorized by statute or Supreme Court order (rather than “by law required, or by some statute authorized”).