Plan of Action

Crime/Public Safety

The people of Illinois are watching as a historic crime wave continues to wash over the state. Instead of holding violent criminals accountable for their crimes, many criminals have instead become emboldened by outdated and soft laws that have created a “catch and release” system that keeps criminals out on the streets. People are rightfully scared and demanding action.

Senate Republicans have put together a robust package of legislative remedies to specifically target weak points in our criminal justice system, empower police and states’ attorneys to be able to get violent criminals off of the street, and to make our communities safe again.

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Cost of Living

Illinois residents pay some of the highest taxes in the nation, thanks in large part to a supermajority party that has continued to advance its tax and spend agenda. In addition to directly increasing taxes, majority democrats have also repeatedly enacted laws and policies which drive up property taxes. Illinois currently ranks as the state with the second highest property taxes.

The Illinois Senate Republican Caucus is committed to providing real tax relief to families. Members of the Caucus are advancing a package of legislation to hold down property taxes, increase exemptions for seniors, and reduce or eliminate some of the state’s most egregious taxes.

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Government Corruption

The citizens of Illinois have continually been subject to news reports of corrupt state officials, lawmakers, and local politicians who have betrayed the public’s trust, often times putting their special interests above their constituents. One of the most recent cases of public corruption involved the state’s most powerful Democrats, who were caught in the largest bribery scheme in Illinois history.

Senate Republicans are continuing their commitment to ensure an ethical and corruption-free state government. By empowering officials to investigate and prosecute corruption and strengthening the state’s lobbying laws, Republicans are standing up against the abuse of power that has wrecked Illinois for too long.

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Working Families

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for parents to earn a living while ensuring their children are taken care of. Mothers have borne much of the brunt of this, with many being forced to remain home caring for children due to daycare closures and limitations.

Members of the Senate Republican Caucus are fighting to make sure that women can remain in the workforce and forced to be their family’s sole childcare provider.

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Our state’s education system is charged with nothing short of preparing the next generation to be successful in an increasingly competitive global economy. The children of Illinois have seen their options for better educational opportunities threatened while state government drowns their schools with costly mandates and restrictions.

The Senate Republican caucus has developed a comprehensive plan to protect educational opportunities through the Invest in Kids Act, give families and school boards a say in whether or not to discharge costly unfunded mandates, bring more voices to the table at the state school board, establish curriculum transparency for parents, and creating a path forward for schools to pursue better ways to educate students.

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Executive Overreach

Governor Pritzker has spent nearly two years ruling the state unilaterally by issuing repeated disaster declarations, without any real oversight from the Illinois General Assembly. Schools, businesses, and daycares were forced to close under one man’s direction. This is not what a democracy looks like. Senate Republicans are once again calling for an end to the Governor’s continuous emergency orders.

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Voter Empowerment

The Senate Republican Caucus believes in putting the citizens of Illinois back in control of their government. Coined the Voter Empowerment Project, this legislative package includes four constitutional amendments, including taking the ability to draw legislative maps out of the hands of entrenched politicians, broadening the power of popular referendums to make changes to state government, instituting a strong recall provision to remove corrupt state and local officials, and creating a process where citizens can vote on whether to keep or throw out newly passed laws.

This package will empower voters by giving them a greater voice in their government and allow them to hold elected officials accountable.

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Election Reform

A democracy can’t function if its citizens don’t feel that their voices matter. People need to be able to have faith that their vote counts. Senate Republicans seek to standardize elections across the board, prevent fraudulent votes, and provide transparency in the system for voters.

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